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Help get safe water and sanitation to developing countries


Everyone should expect to have safe water every day. And we want to help them in reaching that goal, for every family, every clinic and every school in developing countries.

You can help build a world where all people have access to safe drinking water and sanitation, and where no one suffers or dies from a water- or sanitation-related disease. 

We need innovative and long-lasting solutions to the water, sanitation, and hygiene problems in developing countries.

Edward Norton drank dirty water with the hope that 884 million people will soon have access to safe water. Join him!

Stand in support of the work of organizations like Water For People.

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I respect the dignity of all people. I believe that water, sanitation, and hygiene problems are most effectively solved when:

--An organization aims to reach Everyone in the regions where they work.

--Solutions last long into the future.

--There is local ownership of the solution – when a community declares “This is our water and we will keep it running.”

--Organizations monitor their work for at least 10 years after they reach Everyone in the area.


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