Koei Tecmo to buy Bloody Roar from Koei Tecmo or Bandai Namco!

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Bloody Roar is one of the finest and best fighting games ever been made in the 90s, until its downfall by Konami when making Bloody Roar 4. The gameplay mechanics weren't good.

But with Koei Tecmo in Dead or Alive, with their gameplay and designs. Or with Bandai Namco in Tekken & Soulcalibur, they can make a good game and story out of it as a reboot. Since Killer Instinct in 2013, it'd be perfect.

If everyone still remembers and loves Bloody Roar more than the fighting games that have become so popular and wants it back on the FG circuit, please sign up!

Bloody Roar 2 & 3's concepts are the best!

Imagine the rebooted story in the style of X-Men. Plus for the first time, have a human join the roster, but wearing a battlesuit when dealing with zoanthropes. And we need more zoans from the sky and from the seas. The origins of the zoans need to be explored!