Justice for Jayaraj & Benicks

Justice for Jayaraj & Benicks

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On Friday, the 19th of June at around 7 pm, 58 year old Mr. Jayaraj a simple, innocent and hardworking father of four was picked up by police for interrogation outside his son’s mobile shop in Sathankulam, a small town in South India.

The alleged offence committed? Keeping his shop open beyond the lockdown hours. 

His 31-year-old son Benicks rushed to the Sathankulam Police Station when his friends told him that his father had been picked up by the police.

Benicks was aghast to see his father being brutally beaten up. Which son can bear to see his father in such a gruesome state?

When he questioned the police about the horrific treatment of his father, they turned on him too. 

What happened next is as unjust and unfair as it is cruel and barbaric.

For hours, father and son were thrashed, beaten, tortured, humiliated and demeaned. They were stripped of their clothes and were mercilessly thrashed by the criminals in uniform.

On Saturday, June 20 - Jayaraj’s family who had been waiting outside the station till midnight got to see the father and son in the morning in “bad shape.” They were taken to the Sathankulam Government Hospital.

Jayaraj’s veshti and Benicks’s pants were fully soaked in blood.

The family had no news about the father and son till the evening of June 22nd, when they were shifted to the nearby government hospital.

Due to continuous bleeding and severe external and internal injuries from alleged lock up torture, Benicks died late evening on June 22nd and his father died in the early hours of June 23rd.

I’m sure you’ve all seen or heard news reports of their horrific death since then. Every new detail we are hearing in this case shows the high handedness and abuse of power by a few policemen who have exploited their uniform & power to sadistically torture two innocent men.

The press is also reporting that similar complaints have been raised about the same policemen before and that Mr.Jayaraj and his son were not the first ones to be victims of their cruelty and vindictiveness.

The case has been transferred to the CBI after the public's outcry and the policemen involved have been arrested for investigation.

But before that, the Judicial Magistrate probing the case was treated with contempt and foul language by the cops.

Crucial evidence & CCTV footage were allegedly being tampered with and before the CBI was being roped in to handle this case.

A lady constable who came forward as a witness, now fears for her safety and is being given protection by the court.

All of these point to the fact that the rot is much deeper than we thought. The arrogance of the criminals and the fearlessness with which they have repeatedly behaved this way shows that they are confident that they will not be punished and can escape the law. We cannot allow this in a democracy.

As a common man there’s not much you or I can do except raise our voice for what is right. As individual voices we may not be heard but if we rally together and raise our voice as one, we can make sure we are heard and these criminals are punished by the law.

No other family should ever again have to go through what Mr. Jayaraj & Benicks had to.

Please sign this petition requesting the Supreme Court of India, the National Human Rights Commission of India, the Law Minister and the Home Minister to move the case to a fast track court to to get timely justice for the family of Jayaraj & Benicks, to provide adequate protection for the brave witness constable Revathi and to make sure the case is not tampered or influenced!

0 have signed. Let’s get to 500!
At 500 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!