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Prisoner of the Tax Man, my brother, Shawn Dunn is serving 18 years for teaching ordinary Americans what corporations and the super-rich do every day. He never abused the system the way the large corporations do or told his clients not to pay taxes like he was accused of doing. But if you were a smart person who had figured out what the corporations and super rich secretly do to legally manage their taxes, wouldn't you do exactly the same thing? After all, if it's legal for the corporations and super rich, it must be legal for you too. Does the size of your business determine which laws apply?

But here's the catch ... the entire tax system would collapse if everyone did what the corporations and super rich do. It would be possible for no one to pay any tax at all. Just like them. And the Government doesn't like that one little bit. And the elite don’t want anyone in on their game. So, for giving public seminars on what we now know is Corporate Inversion and Charitable Trusts way before anyone knew of their existence, the government came down on Shawn like a ton of bricks.  They grabbed him up, took him to trial, and denied him the ability to show the jury that his systems were in fact legal.  They pressured Shawn to “cooperate” and to admit that his system was illegal or “turn people in”, but Shawn stood up to their bullying tactics and defended his 300 clients and their reputations by going to trial. Here is wisdom: guilty people don’t go to trial. And most are coerced into taking a plea bargain. But not Shawn. He believed in the justice system and since he did nothing wrong and thought he could clear his name. Fair and square.

That is not what happened. The trial was rigged. After they ran their sham trial to cover up their secret loopholes, they buried him in prison for a shocking 18 years to keep him quiet at a cost to the taxpayers of $50,000 per year.  Worst of all, they took Shawn, a kind, gentle and caring individual who would not hurt a soul, was taken from his family. They even put him in a maximum security prison to “make an example of him”. Billionaires never get punished and most pay zero taxes.

If Shawn Dunn is unjustly in prison for teaching people what the corporations and super rich do to avoid taxes, either they should all be in jail too, or Shawn Dunn should be released. It simply cannot be legal for Burger King and Google, but illegal for Shawn and his ordinary clients.  If not, it's one law for the corporations and super rich, and another law for everyone else. Is that a country you want to live in?

Sign our petition to free Shawn Dunn and start a crusade to end the two-tiered tyranny and corrupt justice system. Any Wall Street tax plans that are available to the corporations and super rich must be available to Main Street too. That's all that Shawn Dunn wanted. The Elite gave him 18 years in jail for daring to crash their party. And he was never allowed to defend himself. Isn't it time to Delete the "Elite"? They must obey the same law and same tax system as everyone else. Otherwise, we're back to No Taxation Without Representation ... and we fought a war over that! Support Shawn Dunn. End the tax farce. End the Corporatocracy and Crony Capitalism. Wall Street must obey Main Street, not the other way around.

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