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Help Free American SoCal Nurse Illegally Held in Peru

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Dustin Kent, who is an American registered nurse from California left to Lima, Peru late January 2016 to retrieve his daughter who had been abducted by her biological mother over a year ago after she lost any custody rights. The back-story is: Dustin married Rose Chacon, who was a Peruvian citizen. He married her because he thought their love was mutual & she needed a Visa to stay in the U.S.Once married, they had a beautiful little daughter named Adrianna Kent. When Adrianna was about one years old, Rose became distant, started going out to party all night and would often not come home. Once Rose's mother received her U.S. visa, Rose told Dustin that she no longer loved him and wanted a divorce. After the divorce, Dustin and Rose obtained 50-50 shared custody of the child. Rose was dissatisfied with this verdict. Rose and her mother then coached Adrianna to say that her father inappropriately touched her. This was discredited by the Department of Child and Family Services (DCFS), after a full investigation was conducted, as there was no evidence in the forensic exam and a nurse overheard Rose and her mother promising the little girl McDonalds if she would say what they wanted. Also, multiple psychological tests were done on Dustin and the DCFS conducted multiple interviews with both families and met with Adrianna. It was concluded by the DCFS that the child was coached and the mother was more of a threat to the child. The DCFS let Rose know the allegations were unsubstantiated and that she would have to continue her custody fight in court. Dustin's family have all the legal documents to prove Dustin is not only a loving father, but that the little girl is being manipulated by Rose and grandmother, whom was deemed legally unfit to care for children. Rose quickly took out about $75,000 in loans from various places and her former employer, here in the United States, with no plans to pay them and fled to the Lima, Peru with Adrianna, her sister and her sister's children and since she had now committed international kidnapping among her already long list of crimes in America, Dustin was given 100% full custody of the little girl. Rose has held Adrianna, in hiding, for over a year. She has only allowed Dustin and his family two brief 5 minute Skype sessions with Adrianna in the last 14 months. After the abduction, Dustin contacted the U.S. Embassy, as well as, the Peruvian government to try to locate Rose and Adrianna. Unfortunately, neither the Peruvian Central Authority nor the U.S. Embassy were ever able to locate Rose or her whereabouts, but Dustin never gave up hope. In January, Dustin went to Peru to locate Adrianna and bring her home to the United States. Unfortunately, after obtaining the child he was viciously taken by the local Peruvian police because of the media frenzy that Rose created in Peru. She lied to the media stating that a stranger took her child when she clearly knew it was Dustin. He is being detained in Peru while the prosecution attempts to prove a kidnapping charge to keep the media happy. The Peruvian officials have two months to prosecute him. There is a media frenzy currently going on in Peru where Dustin a U.S. citizen is being crucified for trying to retrieve his daughter. Rose has been so involved in media frenzy, she has literally placed a death sentence on his head over false allegations. His fiancée has gone to Peru to vindicate him and to attest to his moral character and moral fiber. She has done two interviews that were shown very quickly, which is no comparison to the amount of media coverage that has been shown of Rose making false accusations of Dustin. Rose's mother has strong ties to some Peruvian officials and some media in Peru, so she is defaming his character with non-stop lies. Dustin desperately needs America's help to get justice #FreeDustinKentPeru

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