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Support the Homemade Food Operations Act to create jobs and a more inclusive food economy!

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"You know, there are lots of things in modern life we no longer do for ourselves, that we’ve outsourced to corporations…but cooking is different. There’s something that draws us to that hearth. And I think some of it has to do with the fact that we all have powerful memories of being cooked for by our moms, by our dads, by our grandparents. That act of generosity and love, I think, is still in there for most of us, and is very powerful. It goes really deep." -Michael Pollan

Our current food policy prevents thousands of talented cooks from becoming entrepreneurs and places real limits on economic opportunity. It is up to us to help change that.

For groups like immigrants, stay-at-home parents, and underrepresented minorities, cooking can be the best road to economic empowerment. For the past three years, we have worked on the ground with home cooks and learned first-hand the real impact inclusive food opportunities can have on people's lives.

Take Hai, one of our cooks. He previously owned a restaurant in his home country of Vietnam; but when he immigrated to the United States he was unable to earn a living in the restaurant business. He’s eminently qualified, but found himself blocked at every turn by unnecessary barriers. Instead of making it harder with more regulations and licenses, our government should promote, celebrate, and provide resources for the small business owners who create the majority of new jobs in this country!

Thankfully, if we work together and connect with our lawmakers, we have the power to create more inclusive opportunities in food for those who need it most.

That’s why we are strongly supporting AB 626 the Homemade Food Operations Act, which was introduced by Assemblymember Eduardo Garcia on February 14, 2017. This bill will amend California’s Health and Safety Code to expand the “Private Homes” exclusion within the Retail Food Code’s requirements for “Food Facilities”. These new rules will enable cooks to operate small-scale micro-enterprises from their home kitchens for any type of food and create economic opportunity in homes across California.

Food policy is simply outdated when it comes to empowering and supporting aspiring small business owners like Hai. Right now, various small-scale food enterprises -- from private chefs and home caterers to school bake sales and community center pancake breakfasts -- operate informally except under very specific circumstances. It addition to providing new pathways to entrepreneurship, AB 626 will ensure best food safety practices are applied to home cooks and the thousands of underground food operators currently selling food. This commitment to safety will mitigate risks to public health and create a significantly safer and food economy.

Promoting transparency, safety, and economic empowerment will benefit cooks, their customers, and the public at large.  Please join us in supporting Assemblymember Garcia in creating a more equitable and inclusive food system for all.





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