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Help Fight the World Hunger Epidemic



The worst humanitarian crisis the world has seen this century continues to escalate in the Horn of Africa, where more than 13 million people are in urgent need of lifesaving humanitarian assistance. Women and children in Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia have been particularly hit hard.

The crisis is a combined result of two consecutive years of drought, increasing food prices, underdevelopment, and – especially in Somalia – poor governance, conflict, insecurity and limited humanitarian access. 

According to officials, the food security outlook for the coming months is highly dependent on the performance of the October-December short rains, coupled with the effectiveness of ongoing humanitarian interventions. While the rains bring the promise of harvests in March and April, they have been so heavy at time, that they have disrupted the delivery of aid, led to the deaths of livestock and caused flooding that has raised concern over a possible large outbreak of waterborne disease.

Hunger and poverty are severe and life-threatening. What’s needed is comprehensive plan to address global hunger, especially for the most vulnerable: women, young children and the elderly.

The United States can help create a world where no one goes hungry. Please act now to support a comprehensive U.S. plan to end global hunger!


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The United States government must lead the way toward a world where no one – especially children – goes hungry.

I support the development of a comprehensive plan to fight global hunger, and urge you to:

--- Invest in low-income farmers, particularly women who, as a whole, are underserved by existing
programs. The vast majority of the world’s poor rely on agriculture for their livelihoods; improving the
profitability of smallholder farms is critical for breaking the cycle of hunger and poverty, and promoting long-term development.

--- Foster nutrition programs, especially for young children. Research shows that if children are
malnourished, their physical and intellectual development will be permanently impaired⎯holding back generations from helping their families and communities escape poverty.

--- Urge the White House to create an Office on Global Hunger and appoint a hunger coordinator to
integrate technical assistance from agencies that have considerable expertise in key areas needed to
bring an end to global hunger.

Thank you for taking action on this life-threatening crisis.


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