My daughter was poisoned, fight back against high risk offenders, help innocent children

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hello everyone thank you so much for supporting me on this petition we need to get to 500 Canadian signatures on our petition to the house.  I have been given the proper format to the petition to be presented in The House Of Commons Please help us be a voice for children and sign this petition. Thank you link E-1940 below.

 High Risk offenders, continually get light sentences, are allowed to transfer to healing lodges, multi person housing, receive day releases to family and friends for Christmas and family occasions. While the child victims and victims family receive life sentences. My daughter was poisoned with visine from birth to 5 1/2 months. By Christine Allen ,  my daughter now has brain damage from all the oxygen she lost. Christine Allen, not only got minimal time in jail she was transferred to a multi person minimum security area. She was allowed many releases a month to doctors on top of it was allowed day and weekend releases to family and friends for Birthdays ,Christmas , New Years. and family occasions. While Christine lives as though she never did a crime at all, we as the parents of my daughter deal with the life long issues as a result of her crime. we pay for therapies, we pay for the time to go to the doctors, we pay for numerous things associated to the results from the offenders crime. leaving my daughter at the 5th percentile. with many medical issues. while our hard earned money goes to taxes that allow this violent offender therapies, doctors, counseling and more. things we have to pay and fight for day in and day out.  Christine Allen was deemed unable to articulate her crime, no remorse, lack of insight and was determined to be high risk. yet she was released , she was allowed minimum security she was allowed , day releases. she is still allowed around children and on March 14th she will have no stipulations nothing to tell her to keep away from us or any other innocent child. Please help change the laws lets make high risk offenders pay , mandatory maximum security in a cell not healing lodges or multi person housing. no day releases, make a registry they must be on once parole is over and mandatory criminal restraining orders to stay away from victims for life. Mandatory minimum sentences of 10 yrs. in our case there were no precedent cases to go by as no one has deliberately poisoned children before so there were no cases sufficient to make a sentence.

(Above picture is my Daughter who was on life support due to a Evil Monster Chrisitine Allen who poisoned her, she was on and off life support countless amount of times and was clinically dead 7 times...she is now left with brain injury)   This is why we need change. 

Please help us so no one else has to go through the victimizing we are continually going through ...

does this make sense , high risk , no , remorse, lack of insight unable to articulate ,yet minimum multi person housing, day releases, allowed around children, and will have no stipulations once parole is over. 

Imagine if she was serving you coffee or your children hot chocolate, imagine if she was serving you a McDonald's soft drink. Help make a change sign the petition




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