Help expand and protect the marine ecosystem in the Province of Albay and nearby areas

Help expand and protect the marine ecosystem in the Province of Albay and nearby areas

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Raf Orida started this petition to Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources and

The Philippine Archipelago is known to be both an agricultural and an aquacultural country and if problems were to arise concerning these two, it would cause many problems, it would cost a lot to the development of the country and of the livelihood of the many people that rely on the fruits of agriculture and aquaculture. This is why we should have to start somewhere, start early before it is too late, we should tackle the harmful effects of trash, pollution, overexploitation, destruction, ocean acidification and coral bleaching as soon as possible, and we can start to expand, improve and protect our Marine Ecosystem in the Bicol Region, the provinces of Albay, Sorsogon and Catanduanes. 


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Consequences : 

If we fail to take care of our marine ecosystem in this area:

  • Trash and Pollution may affect tourism badly
  • When more trash is put in the ocean, these may be mistaken as food by many marine species, which may be lethal to these animals
  • If pollution is worsened, many of the waste products deal irreversible and fatal damages to marine animals, and when ingested by humans may cause health issues
  • The destruction of marine resources through many events such as ocean warming and acidification will lead to the destruction of coral reefs, and rising sea levels that cause increased salinity can have damaging impacts on mangroves, both coral reefs and mangroves help to reduce coastal erosion and water quality, these also act as important feeding and spawning areas for many fishes that many fisherfolk rely on for survival
  • Over 60% of the coastal population rely on marine resources for their contributions to fisheries, tourism and storm protection, destruction of marine resources will truly affect many lives. Illegal fishing techniques such as dynamite fishing and muro-ami also contribute to this problem. 
  • The destruction of marine resources will lead to an unsustainble aquaculture


If we succeed in this plan to expand and protect our marine ecosystem:

  • Since the ocean itself has a massive economic value from fishing to tourism and coastal protection, jobs will be secured.
  • The ocean will continue to provide food for the millions of people living in the region.
  • The ocean will continue to help in regulating our climate
  • Mangroves and Coral reefs  will continue to provide the Bicol region coastal protection from storms, given that Bicol is always prone to storms and typhoons
  • We can prevent the fatalities and harmful effects to marine species, preventing extinction to numerous endangered species 
  • There will be a sustainable aquaculture in the region

This petition would be under:

  • Anthroprocentrism - man can manipulate his environment for a good cause
  • Theological perspective - through this petition we are fulfilling the roles God gave to us as caretakers of the Earth and we are taking care of the fellow creations of God
  • Environmental Justice - through this there will be unity and involvement of communities and of the government in addressing environmental challenges and in implementing change
  • Environmental Aesthetics - in line with protecting our marine ecosystem, we are also preserving the beauty of the environment
  • Environmentalism - with action in local areas, we are going to help the global initiative the protect our environment


The only way to solve this problem is to see an all-around effort from each and every one of us:

  • We can volunteer to help
  • Advocate for integrated ocean management
  • Track down those who use illegal fishing techniques that destroy marine habitats such as muro-ami and dynamite fishing
  • Close down and give sanctions to establishments that directly excrete harmful waste to the ocean
  • Promote sustainable marine tourism
  • Artificial coral reefs will be dropped to promote spawning and feeding for fishes 
  • Declare coral and mangrove areas as marine sanctuaries to protect and restore these
  • Promote the value of services provided by ecosystems
  • End plastic pollution
  • Support should be given to coastal communities on how to manage marine resources and lastly;
  • We should educate, engage and collaborate with those who want to help for our one common goal: to save our oceans

To be able to protect, expand and improve the marine ecosystem in the region is already a huge victory for mankind in saving the environment, but this petition will not be possible without your support, so I am humbly asking for you to join and take a stand, to help in my advocacy to care for our oceans because in the end, it is us, the future generations, who will reap the seeds of what is sown today.

Save our seas, save our beautiful world.



0 have signed. Let’s get to 200!
At 200 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!