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End the Greyhound Racing Industry in the U.K.

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Greyhound racing is a popular industry here in the U.K. Beautiful dogs race at ground-scaring speeds; the thrill making quick quid off a bleak bet - this all entices many dog-racing enthusiasts, betters and gamblers alike. It seems like fun, just another harmless sport, right? But the reality of all this, would disgust you.

These gorgeous greyhounds are treated with the utmost disrespect. These owners are not your typical (dog-loving) dog-owner. Most owners wouldn't even bat an eye over one of their dogs' restless race life-educed death. It is extremely common for race dogs end up "raced to death", or them to be killed without reason. In fact, some of the breeders, owners and racers will even kill greyhounds while they're extremely young. It is estimated that over 12,000 greyhound puppies are killed a year due to being deemed unfit for reigning supreme in these torturous races. Over 10,000 greyhound racers a year, are tossed aside in the U.K., due to being "useless" (meaning they can no longer earn their owner and trainers money). Around 8,000 of these dogs are retired, rundown racers. These poor, ill-treated dogs are then left, abandoned, killed, or even sold for dissection purposes and worse. The female greyhounds are often forced to give birth to immense amounts of puppies, producing hundreds of pups per lifetime. 

It's clear that these dogs life low-quality lives. That is, if you even consider being forced to run for your own safety everyday; with the over-hanging fear of being beat everyday; going home to your cramped, crumb-sized cage; a cage which you are to be locked in for an average of 3-4 years of your total life span; in a warehouse full of  the whimpering of up to hundreds over other prisoner greyhounds just like you; are living in a shabby shelter where you are poorly and rarely fed causing even more disease and the risk of being ridden with fleas; no care and no love of any kind whatsoever. It's inhumane for us to allow any sentient being to be treated in such ways: denied the basic necessities of a healthy life, treated with little to no dignity, and shamed with intense cruelty. It's not okay. I'm sure that many of you dog or animal lovers out there couldn't bare to see your own pet treated in such ways - treated as if they're only purpose is to make a quick bit of cash, for a heartless sellout, or any some of money for that matter. 

Please sign this petition and help put an end to this so-called "sport", once and for all. Together, we can bring attention to this blatant animal abuse. We hope that one day we can finally be able to truthfully say, that this industry is illegal in the U.K., saving potentially thousands of innocent dogs' lives from being condemned or put to an end. But we can only make this a reality with your, and hopefully from this petition, the U.K. Government's, support. Thank you for your time and attention towards our cause.

Spread the word with hashtags, #YouBetTheyDie and #StopGreyhoundRacing.

Greyhound Racing Abuse - Animated Video (viewer discretion advised)

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