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Dear Friend,

As a supporter of Helping Others Make the Effort you realize what an important mission we have in Osceola County and Central Florida. HOME is going through some really tough times financially, and like many other local nonprofits is struggling to keep our doors open. HOME is supported by grants and individual donations and because of the current economic downturn, HOME's budget has been affected drastically. HOME is the ONLY organization in Osceola County that is addressing family homelessness and if we close our doors there will be no programs providing services to those families. We estimate that there are several hundred families that could benefit from our program (we are able to serve about 30 families at a time with our various programs).

What we are asking from you, as a supporter of HOME, is to search your heart and see how you can give to this worthwhile organization. If you would like to help HOME continue providing this important service to homeless families then a financial gift will really make a difference! HOME's focus is on families, so we ask supporters to sponsor a family through our program. It costs $30,000 to provide a home and services to a family for a year. A gift of $10,000 allows us to leverage the remaining $20,000 from grants. That's only $25 per day to help a family get back on their feet. Your donation will provide housing, life-skills training, case management, and access to affordable health care to homeless moms and their children.

You may not be able to give $10,000 and that's okay, if you can give $1, then give $1 ... In fact, if every supporter gave just $1 between our blog, e-blast, and social networking sites we would have over $1,000 to help families in need ... If every person gave $10? You'd have a family sponsorship of $10,000!

So we want to challenge you:

1. Donate now and help a family break the cycle of homelessness

2. Sign up for our next volunteer training event, even if you can't give financially, your time would help us greatly!

3. Speak with your employer, and see if they would be interested in giving to HOME

4. Speak to your church, to see if they would be willing to support HOME as a mission outreach

5. Forward this e-mail on to your friends, family, or join HOME's cause on Facebook and share with anyone you know who has a heart to help those in need

We know this is a tough time for everyone, but we must make the effort to help homeless families get back on their feet! With your help we CAN break the cycle of homelessness in Osceola County!




Gregg Hostetler, HOME Board Chair