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Help Ellen Mariani to take appeal regarding 911 before US Supreme Court.: Sign and Donate- $11,000 needed by 11/1/12

“Ellen Mariani lost her husband, Louis Neil Mariani, on 9/11. Her case was settled over her strong objections by a lawyer with dubious motivations, John Ransmeier, who appears to have been working with the powers that be. Mariani has refused to take the money and is the last person who lost a family member on 911 who is still fighting to get justice in the courts and to find out through the courts what happened on 911...."

The Ellen Mariani Legal Defense Fund ( has been set up to collect that money via site or Ellen Mariani Legal Defense Fund P. O. Box 1284, Greenfield, Mass. 01302

It is an opportunity to show support to someone who is courageous enough to persist in pursuing Truth and Justice as allowed by the 1st Amendment of the US Constitution. “Congress shall make no law abridging…the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievance.”

“The right to petition the government for a redress of grievances guarantees people the right to ask the government to provide relief for a wrong through the courts (litigation) or other governmental action. It works with the right of assembly by allowing people to join together and seek change from the government."

As an advocate of Truth and Justice I learned of the case of Ellen Mariani and thought that if there were at least 11,000 other persons who felt strongly enough, then a $1.00 contribution would aid in meeting the November 1, 2012 deadline. While it is understood that the United States Supreme Court may not grant the request, it would be a shame to not have been able to pursue it due to lack of funds.
It would lend even more credence if the 11,000 would continue to multiply, as although it is Mrs. Mariani that we stand with; it is all of us around the globe who have been adversely affected in one way or another by the fateful events of September 11, 2001.

I have no personal connection with nor have I ever communicated with Mrs. Mariani or her legal counsel. Nonetheless, I do understand our Universal oneness and felt a deep sense of compassion as I anticipate many others will.

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  • Help Ellen Mariani to take appeal regarding 911 before US Supreme Court.

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