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Help a Dying Patient to Receive Her Rightful Care: Help Lama Milkweed L. Augustine! 

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Started by:   Lama Milkweed L. Augustine Prof. PhD

Lama Milkweed L. Augustine, well known author and Leader of Religion who is twice recognized by 14 Dalai Lama and has been a published success for many years is very soon to die from Leukemia and Neutropenia, which is cancer of the white blood cells, but has been fed continuously through an implanted IV implant called a "port-a-cath." It has been recently removed due to ongoing infections in her blood, but is always replaced as normal procedure, but lately in Brockton, Massachusetts in a hospital called "Caritas Good Samaritan" Hospital on 235 North Pearl Street, Brockton, Mass 02301 Tel: 508.42.3000 Attn: Pt. Advocate, a hospitalist who had not known Milkweed as well as never look at her medical files in both hardcopy and in electronic formatting, completely refused this courageous woman all of her rights as not only a patient, but one who is in dyer need of not only nutritional assistance, but the fact her vascular system is calcifying and she need and requires a vascular access to receive iv medications such as her Dilaudid, which is an opioid for her continuous and well documented pain from a rare blood disease which only albinos are born with called HERMANSKY PUDLAK DISEASE.

She requires this replacement of her port, as a new primary care physician at first desired for Milkweed Augustine to have another IV port, or "port-a-cath", but 6 weeks later refused her, as the only reason it was denied is because of her having the above cancer condition, which is NEUTROPPENIA, cancer of the white blood cells, which has NO PRESIDENCE for her NOT receiving another necessary medical implant to sustain her to receive FLUIDS AND MEDICATIONS, which now in her "END OF LIFE STAGE", should by all constitutional rights , be allowed to have this mentioned aid.

Before she went to this same hospital, Milkweed had her TPN, which is Total Parenternal Nutrition, or to the laity, CHEST FEEDING, for well over 4 years, this time around, and was suddenly stopped as she was also starved while here; like in a prior medical institution, previously- which was established in her book "ETERNAL I.V. POLE". Only NOW, she no longer has home nursing services, or HOSPICE care, as well as any pain medication to speak of, and this HERMANSKY PUDLAK disease is not only terminal and has a high mortality rate among people cursed with hypopigmentation, but, causes horrific torturous pain deep inside of all of the bones, constantly; which requires opioids- like previously mentioned, Dilaudid. Lama Milkweed L. Augustine is completely without any medical services of any kind, as well as the normal daily and customary medical care we all need to not only sustain health, but to comfort those like Milkweed who are at the end of life. All she requires is the proper and CONSTITUTIONAL CARE and BASIC HUMAN RIGHT to be the recipient of CARE AND COMFORT.

Please help this courageous woman and pacifist leader who has spent more than half of her arduous life, as not only a torture survivor, but helping all of those who are condemned to die by executions, and has created a published success in her recent book "the electric chair; journals of..."

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All DYING people need, and should by all rights, have their most basic needs fulfilled, and LAMA MILKWEED L. AUGUSTINE is, certainly, no exception, and should not be.

Her time is very limited. 

Her physical address is:

Her Holiness;
The Most Venerable Lama Rimpoche, Prof. Ph. D, O.F.M.
Miss Milkweed L. Augustine
15 Arlington St. Middleboro, Mass 02346