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Help Chained Iditarod Sled Dog Puppies & Adults Living in Filth!

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Please revoke the nonprofit corporation status of Crazy Dog Kennels and Canine Rescue (entity #101639). We ask this largely due to the deplorable conditions these dogs are forced to live in - they are chained to dilapidated dog houses in various states of deterioration; they have rusty coffee cans for water buckets; they are forced to constantly walk on mud, urine, and feces because they have limited movement due to being chained. This kennel also breeds one or more litters of dogs every year and competes in high-profile sled dog races for cash prizes, complete with merchandise for sale. This is not in any way, shape, or form to be considered a "rescue," and should not be able to claim nonprofit status and ask for tax deductible donations.

Photos on the musher's Facebook page of deplorable conditions have since been removed since the start of this petition. Saved copies can be seen by e-mailing, and will be filed with this petition.

Sled dogs need to be rescued from this place - there is no way this should be listed as a nonprofit rescue in and of itself when their animals are forced to live in such horrific conditions.

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