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Heather and her brother are siblings, and their family has been torn apart by the Family Court System of Oswego County, New York. Heather lived in Mississippi from 09/09 until 05/12 and the court ordered her to move to New York, or not be able to live with her mother and brother ever again. She has lost the daily life she enjoyed with all her family, friends and neighbors for 2 days a month visit with her father. When the father was given visitation, he was under Indictment by the Oswego Grand Jury for Rape, Assault, and Harassment. The Family Court Referee did not allow this to be entered into the records  and not protected by the Court that is sworn to do what is in the best intrest of the child, and the mother did not know this until June 2010 when she was ordered to move back to New York or loose Heather to her father.
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  • 5th District Administrative Judge Onondaga County Courthouse
    Hon. James C. Tormey, III

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