Help Bring Back Face Off Back to SyFy

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It is incredibly sad to see that Face Off is going to be ending after 13 seasons. DO NOT LET SEASON 13 BE THE LAST !!!  The series finale is scheduled to start on June 5th and lets not let this be the last season. Besides having a phenomenal cast of judges with Glenn, Ve, and Neville and McKenzie hosting, it has incredibly talented contestants showing their amazing talents and creations for us all to enjoy. Lets get our voices heard at SyFy and beg them to bring FaceOff back for more seasons as it is a big hit for SyFy and reality TV competitions. So lets sign this petition to get Face Off back on and flood SyFy with emails at


**Since SyFy is not reading or responding to the emails can you please forward to me at as I will print them and mail them. ****

 In order for the network to take the petition seriously we need to get a minimum of 2000 signatures. Please sign and share the petition so we can get Faceoff back.