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Ban the release of "A Dog's Purpose" Movie in Australian Cinemas

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Horrific and disturbing footage has come to light showing alleged abuse of an animal on the set of the soon to be released movie "A Dog's Purpose" by Universal Studios and Amblin Partners. 

See Full Video Here:

The movie is set to be released in Australia on the 6th April. Please share and sign this petition to stop the release of this movie in Australian cinemas.

We are calling on industry and authoritative bodies to view the facts and footage release today by TMZ and work to ban this movie on the basis that this film and it's producers have clearly violated animal rights and failed to provide a safe and humane environment for the animal that is in their care. They have intentionally put the animals safety at risk.

This petition will be sent to The Department of Communications & The Arts (and respective Ministers  Fiona Nash & Mitch Fifield) as well as The Australian Communications and Media Authority.

This video footage is a violation of Australian Animal Welfare laws and codes of conduct towards animals on film sets. 

Australian codes recognises the wide range of situations where different types of animals would be used on film sets and that animals will be required to perform tasks, which may be complex, with other animals, people and special effects in situations that could cause distress, sickness or injury to performing animals.

State and territory codes do not approve of any act which intentionally endangers, kills, injures, stresses or abuses an animal for entertainment purposes or any scene which portrays or creates the impression that abuse or misuse of animals is desirable.

Now ..... The Facts: 

  • German Shepherd forced into turbulent water on A Dog's Purpose movie set, after exhibiting behaviors of being scared and not wanting to participate. 
  • Footage shows trainer repeatedly pushing terrified dog into water for a scene. Man off camera can be heard laughing and saying 'you just gotta throw him in' 
  • Dog is shown to be panicked and drowning towards the end, his head becomes submerged and the film crew panic and jump in to pull him out. 
  • Crew can be heard to become panicked and yell to cut the filming.
  • The film scene was shot in Winnipeg, Canada in November 2015 
  • PETA has slammed the footage and called for people to boycott the film.
  • Universal Pictures and Amblin Partners are reportedly "Investigating" the issue but have not yet released a formal statement. 
  • See Full Video Here:

The film industry need to be made accountable for the working conditions animals in films are put under. If any animal is clearly in distress filming should not take place, the same dignity that would be awarded to a human actor if they did not want to participate in a risky stunt on a movie set.

The animals needs were not considered and the profit of the movie placed above its welfare which almost caused the animal to drown. The dog is in the protection of Universal Studios and the animal handlers they employed to film this movie. They should be held accountable and not be allowed to profit from this behaviour. 


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