Help Alfie Beat Neuroblastoma

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My name is Shelley Wells and I am a family friend of a young boy called Alfie. Please take a moment to read his story:

Alfie is a 17 year old from Ashford, Middlesex who is currently battling Neuroblastoma Cancer for the 3rd time.

Neuroblastoma is a terrible cancer that affects babies and children. Cancer cells form in the nerve tissues of the adrenal gland, neck, chest or spinal cord. Neuroblastoma is the third most common childhood cancer - it’s the same cancer that Bradley Lowery lost his life to. 

Alfie has been battling this on and off since the age of 5. Doctor’s have said that a new treatment, called antibody therapy, is the best chance Alfie has of beating the cancer once and for all.

Unfortunately the NHS will not pay for the treatment. It currently costs around £600,000 for this treatment. 

That’s why I have started this petition calling on the NHS to pay for, or at least subsidise antibody treatment for people like Alfie.

Currently the therapy is only available on the NHS to Cancer patients who have not relapsed. But Alfie hasn’t tried the treatment before and may not have relapsed if he had had access to it.

We desperately need help to spread Alfie’s story and help raising the necessary funds to give Alfie the best chance of overcoming this terrible disease. Alfie is an amazing boy, who should be going to school, out with his friends and playing football but sadly at this moment in time this is not possible.

He is an incredible young man who has been fighting this disease for too long. Lets help him get the chance to live.

You can find out more about Alfie here:

You can also watch part of Alfies story on his short video clip below

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