Help Abdul Hassan remain in the UK and work at KPMG!

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My friend Abdul moved to the UK from Bangladesh when he was 5 years old with his father who was physically very ill and his mother who had poor mental health.  

They came to visit relatives and shortly afterwards, Abdul’s parents returned to Bangladesh, leaving him with his auntie. They hoped to come back when their health improved but Abdul’s father died and his mother’s mental health deteriorated as she had schizophrenia, so what had been initially a temporary arrangement for Abdul in the UK became permanent - he is now 19.

Social services were supportive and Abdul grew up, going to Stoke Newington School where he achieved ABB at A level and obtained a place on the KPMG Professional Apprenticeship Programme. I met Abdul at the school in year 7 and we’ve been friends ever since

At 16 he did not automatically receive his NI number and he had no ID or travel documents meaning he could not work legally or travel abroad. He recently applied for ‘leave to remain’ but was rejected.

This means he would have to leave the UK, the only home he had known for most of his life.  This rejection happened in February of year 13 which added considerable stress to Abdul’s life as you can imagine, and KPMG was seemingly no longer open to him as he had no paperwork. Luckily KPMG have kept his place open for him in the hope that his appeal will be successful.  The court date is June 8th.

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Abdul for the last 7 years, as a close friend and strong fellow student. He is one of the hardest working people and his care for others is second to none. His dedication to his friends and work is only outdone by his glowing presence and I look up to his warmth and enthusiasm.

The United Kingdom would be losing a great person and valuable worker in Abdul Hassan. He has the chance to work for one of the biggest companies on the planet, KPMG. Not many are able to reach such heights and I think it would be a disgrace if Abdul weren’t able to reach this goal. He is as much part of British society and culture as I am, and I don’t have a word to say against him and I’m sure no one else would.

Please help his situation by signing this petition, in hope that the tribunal see how many people see Abdul as part of their lives and part of the United Kingdom.

Thank you

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