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Help a Georgia Ranger keep her dogs and her career!

The State of Georgia's Department of Natural Resources (DNR) invested close to a $100,000 in giving a Ranger, Angela Kaiser, some of the most comprehensive law enforcement, disaster response, emergency medical, park management training in the country. She was notified on 9/26/12 that her position at her current park will be terminated this year. She has been told that to retain her job with the GA DNR she will have to choose which one of her 3 dogs she has to give up! A new GA State Park rule now says Rangers who live in the park cannot have more than 2 dogs. This Ranger & her husband have no human children. Their 3 dogs ARE their children. The State of GA now expects her to make a choice of giving up a child.
For many people, their dogs, cats, horses, etc ARE as an important aspect of their lives as children. For this couple, it is the case. Why should the parks in Georgia only be friendly to visitor's dogs and not their own Ranger's family? How dog-friendly does that really make them?

Please take the time to let the State of Georgia know that this decision was a poor one!! Please help this Ranger keep her family together and save her career for which she has worked so hard.

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  • Commissioner of Natural Resources
    Mark Williams
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    Becky Kelley
  • State Parks & Historic Sites Chief of Operations
    Wally Woods
  • DNR Parks Division
    GA Dept of Natural Resources Law Enforcement Ranger - Angela Kaiser

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