Help a gay guy get a chance at asylum

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I am a gay person that has disembarked from a vessel and escaped from the US airport where I would of been sent home.

The problem that I am facing is that when I fled, I fled as a crewman on C1/D visa and the US law currently doesnt allow crewmembers to adjust status here because of the visa type. I escaped from the airport due to fearing prosecution in my own country.

People that are gay in Macedonia face hardships, torture and many of the end up dead. I have managed to get some proof of media and gay hatred by the community which I thought would help my case here, but when I talked to a pro bono lawyer he told me that in order to claim asylum since I am on C1/D visa I will have to prove something that has personally be done to me, like leading or being in a political group where my political opinnion would make me a target. I ofcourse all my years spent dwelling and hating my country because all of my childhood years till now I had to lie and be someone that I am not. What my lawyer was telling me to do is that I should of came out and said that I was gay to the public and risk dieing or worse getting tortured because of who I am, what good is the asylum to me if I am a dead man ? It would mean that all of my suffering for 15 years as a child both mental and phyisicall have been for nothing.

I would also like to say that I am a victim of domestic violence and I have been molested by a group of older people. I hated who I was throughout my entire childhood and was not able to accept my self. Instead of studying I was falling through grades and thought of myself as a freak, instead of having friends I kept shutting everyone out because I didnt trust anyone could understand my pain or worse what if they find out who I am, then my life might end.

Macedonia is not a country where you can escape, you can pass the entire country within a day of travelling with a car. We are not in EU, there was no way to escape except when I was offered a job as a crewman for a ship company that goes to US. I couldnt be happier that day, because I heard that this country is the land of the free and I had some good experience on the ship on of which enforced me to runaway was that I saw a gay married couple having a child alongside with them, it brought tears to my eyes. Our country doesnt allow marriage for same sex nor adopting a child, I can never be happy if I returned to my country, I will always have to worry if someone found out or if I ever get a partner that I love if maybe he will be taken away from me some day. I dont want to worry, I want to finally be able to live my life the way I want to and not having to pretend or lie about who I am.

On the end of this petition I will supply you with 2 links. One will be for ineligability of adjustment of status as a C1/D and the other one will be a link of a popular media that spoke publicly against the LGBT community in Macedonia. I am doing this because I want you to understand why I need your help, why this freedom means so much to me, I am happy here and for the first time I met some LGBT communities and the people in them were really nice. I lived my life for once while I was here and I dont want that to be taken away from me, because of the limitation I might have by the visa. I have not filled out the asylum form yet and I have 9 more months to do it, but I need your guys help to achieve that.

I am asking that USCIS & Department Of Homeland Security give me a normal chance at asylum by disregarding my entrace as a crewman, but accept me as a legal alien.

I did not runaway to the US for the money, I am here because I want to be myself, meet a certain someone, create a family, love and be loved by that person and live the rest of my life with a smile on my face. I dont want my child to hate me for who I am ( in my country it can happen because of the people around me ), I dont want to be pressured and to lie anymore. I want freedom and understanding for my pain.

Please people if you can share,tweet and email this as much as you can, help me get my voice heard please! Let me smile like this forever, I dont want to feel sad or depressed or suicidal ever again so please help.

I am also ready to talk to media and tell them everything or any organisation who can help my case, so please help me out that is all I ask.I am also planning to make a youtube video of me when I feel I am safe enough to do it.


Thank you,


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