HelloFresh, you need to be transparent about your animal welfare policies!


HelloFresh, you need to be transparent about your animal welfare policies!

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Started by Jen Voelker

I consider myself to be an ethical, informed consumer, which is why I like to be educated on what popular companies are up to, especially those that I may be a patron of. A corporation I’ve recently learned a lot about is HelloFresh, a meal kit company that has fallen behind competitors with regard to animal welfare.

I discovered that, despite signing onto the Better Chicken Commitment years ago, HelloFresh has since refused to share how they plan to actually fulfill these standards by the 2024 deadline they committed to. This is not okay; corporate transparency matters—and by not making meaningful progress on this issue, chickens in HelloFresh’s supply chain are still suffering horrific cruelty. 

Chickens are intelligent, social animals. Sadly, the vast majority of these birds today have been bred to grow incredibly large in a matter of weeks, resulting in painful deformities, organ failure, and heart attacks. They also endure chemical burns from being forced to live in dirty, ammonia-laden litter that isn’t cleaned in their lifetimes. 

The standard slaughter practice utilized today, which is known as live-shackle slaughter, is so gruesome that many birds’ legs are broken from being violently hung upside down. Many chickens then also have their throats slashed open while still fully conscious; there is even the possibility of them being boiled alive.

This is unacceptable treatment. 

HelloFresh must do what it promised to do when the company adopted the Better Chicken Commitment by actually ending its support of these terrible factory farming practices. 

The follow-through on corporations’ commitments is what truly matters; otherwise, it’s all lip service and no improvements are actually made.

That’s why I’m calling on HelloFresh to publicly report and prove its planned progress towards the Better Chicken Commitment.

If you also want to hear how HelloFresh plans to follow through on its corporate commitments, and do right by its customers and animals, please join me in signing and sharing this petition to urge HelloFresh to be transparent.


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This petition made change with 46,889 supporters!

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