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Don’t Force Nursing Moms to Pump in the Bathroom

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The first time I had to pump breastmilk at Heinz Field, I had given birth only three months before. At the time our little Max was entirely breastfed, which meant that in order to stay comfortable at the game, I had to take multiple breaks to pump in the only private place I could find in the entire stadium: the bathroom.

It’s time that Heinz Field provided a dedicated space for new parents to change diapers, pump or breastfeed their children.

The first time I went to pump, I had to spend 15 minutes standing in a stall while the pump made squelching noises, and the growing line of women waiting for the toilet wondered loudly what was taking me so long. The second time, I almost dropped the pump in the cramped stall, trying to situate myself without touching anything that might contaminate my milk. I was trying to move fast, because I didn’t want to miss any of the game.

Before buying our tickets, I seriously considered skipping the game because of how inconvenient it is to pump at Heinz Field. I’m a diehard Steelers fan, and I wanted to get back “in the game” after months caring for a newborn baby. But sitting in that stall, frustrated at my sore breasts and at myself for spilling milk on my shirt, it almost didn’t feel worth it.

Now that he’s older, I’ve taken Max with us to Steelers games, and I’m so glad that Heinz Field will always hold fond memories for him. But that’s not the case for me, and many nursing moms who have been to the field. Heinz Field will always remind me of being frustrated and humiliated as I tried to produce food for my child.

No mom should have to feel like that. It’s time that Heinz joined places like the MetLife and Nationals stadiums and accommodated nursing moms, some of their most die-hard fans. Because parents change the game.

Sign my petition and call on Heinz Field to provide comfortable mothers’ rooms for parents to care for their babies and enjoy the game.

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