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Heineken, Their Advertising Staff, and A&E Television: Stop running Heineken's 'The Voyage' commercial that depicts animal sacrifice

Animal cruelty, abuse and sacrifice should not be promoted as fun.  Although in Heineken's commercial the goat does not actually get sacrificed, all the symbolic symbols are there.

Most people are not aware of the real goat sacrifices in India and the following links are only to prove that indeed goat sacrifice is real.

Goat sacrifice in India's temples from Wikipedia:

Here is a petition to stop all animal sacrifices in India....


Caution graphic violence of woman sacrificing goat in India's temple

Also, Heineken banners were in the past seen at dog fights, but the company stated this was an accident that they weren't taken down in time.   But, seeing this new Voyage commercial confirms that the banners at the dog fight and this new goat sacrificing commercial could possibly not be by accident.  The Advertising agency and Heineken should very publicly apologize and the commercial should be taken off the air.



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