Hegar Road & FM 2920 Stop Light

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I live in the Hockley area and reluctantly pass through the intersection of Hegar Road and FM 2920 in far NW Harris County on almost a daily basis.

I've contacted TxDot numerous times in reference to the dangers of this crossing. They've done traffic studies and have taken some measures to make it better, but it's never quite enough to stop the horrific accidents from piling up.

Some of the improvements have actually done more harm than good. Things like putting up flashing lights, but then placing the light poles so that they block your view of oncoming traffic. Huge control boxes attached to the sides of the poles that are in the way as well. They get destroyed in the path of these major accidents again and again and they keep putting them right back where they were.

Frankly it looks like a war zone with skid and scratch marks from each new accident.

As I write this, they're busy blocking traffic, planting a new pole and adding another silver control box since some unfortunate soul went airborne and sheared off the other one.

I could go on and on and on, but the fact is that nothing short of a red light is going to fix what's wrong.

The arc of the curve is such that passive traffic studies do nothing to indicate the real dangers.

Passing cars, as well as those waiting in the turn lane, can completely block the view of oncoming traffic. People rush out into what they think is a break in traffic. People die.

The EMS and First Responders out here are tired of cleaning up the bodies.

We have an elementary school on Hegar now, as well as ever increasing traffic, as more people move out this way. A flashing yellow on the main road is NOT getting the job done.

We need a stop light that includes a turn lane signal for the safety of all who travel here.

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