HEB should charge 10¢ per non-reusable bag to reduce plastic use and greenhouse gas emissions

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HEB is a family run business with several locations across the state of Texas. It is heavily involved in environmental awareness programs and several projects in place have diverted tons of both organic and plastic waste. However, we would like HEB to begin charging ten cents per non-reusable bag.

By doing this, we would hope that it would decrease the amount of plastic and paper bag waste and encourage people to use reusable bags. This is because of two main issues with the non-reusable bags. Paper bags lead to high greenhouse gas production when being made and plastic bags do not biodegrade. This has resulted in pollution of air and severe harm to both aquatic life and mammals, including humans. Some countries such as Wales and England have already begun charging for paper and plastic bags and Wales has seen a 71% drop in usage. If this petition succeeds it will greatly benefit the environment and will provide a safer and healthier ecosystem for animals and people.

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