Petitioning Heathrow Complaints Team and 2 others

3 Villages communities (Lightwater, Bagshot and Windlesham) should be subject to no more aircraft noise than they experienced before the departure trials (pre December 2013)

Despite Heathrow's commitment to end the trials early on November 12, noise levels have not returned to pre-trial levels for many.  

In addition, Heathrow states:"using satellite-based navigation means aircraft will be concentrated along narrower paths in the future".   

This means that our communities remain vulnerable to a return of the noise and disruption inflicted on us during the recent trials, unless we act to oppose any changes in flight paths and demand that we are not subject to any more aircraft noise than was experienced before the departure trials i.e. pre December 2013.

If we don't oppose this threat, the impact of recent trial noise disturbance could become a permanent feature of our lives unless we make our voices heard!

Thank you for signing the petition.    


We need to continue to register complaints of noise to as well as lobby our MPs and those in a position of influence for a change in policy.

For other ways in which you can register your opposition or take action, please visit

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  • Heathrow Complaints Team
  • Heathrow Head of Community Relations and Policy
  • MP
    Michael Gove

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