Equal Treatment Inclusion Meaningful Participation

Equal Treatment Inclusion Meaningful Participation

August 6, 2020
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RSA Commissioner Mark Schultz and 1 other
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Why this petition matters

Started by Randy Hauth

This is the purpose

Persons who are blind, are committed in changing the systemic oppression, and disparate treatment that by all accounts has been allowed to exist in a specialized employment program for persons who are blind across the United States, which is known as the Randolph Sheppard Program.

Please know that with over a 70% unemployment rate among persons who are blind, each and every employment opportunity is “crucial” as well is the inclusion and integration of these blind persons in their employment decisions.

With that shared, for far to long have these persons been cast to the side by the very governmental agencies that are here to protect and support these persons, but in many ways have not.

The marginalization of these persons the oppression Imposed upon them as well as the disparate treatments incurred by them have all given cause for change.

Petition Letter

Equal Treatment, Inclusion, Meaningful Participation.

Dear RSA Commissioner Mark Schultz,

The supporters of this undersigned petition are persons comprised of Elected Committee Members, Licensed Blind Vendors, and other impacted persons, who call upon you today by way of this petition, to encourage your thoughtful consideration and support relevant to the inclusive voice and meaningful participation for the Elected Committee of Blind Vendors, as is required by way of CFR 395.14, whereas to act in a capacity as a representative voice for Business Enterprise Programs, and Licensed Blind Vendors across the land, (by way of) the Elected Committees, active participation in major administrative decisions, as well as program and policy development matters.

With that starred, this petition brings to the forefront that the level of inclusive participation and integration in such participatory role, is directly impactful upon the overall health and wellness of the Randolph Sheppard Program across the land.

As is intended, the purpose of the Randolph Sheppard Program is to provide remunerative employment opportunities for persons who are blind, and to expand such opportunities, as you well know, “none the less” many times we the impacted persons who are blind, witness this intended purpose falling short of the outcome and the fundamental rights of blind persons and program benefits are denied right under RSA’s, administrative leadership, thus limiting and denying full program access to these persons.

In these trying times, “where across the land“ persons are speaking up for equality and inclusion (we to) seek to put an end to what many times is a pattern of marginalization, and disparaging treatment imposed upon these persons.

With that shared, we call upon your leadership today requesting that you take action to help change the non inclusive and oppressive limitations that most often exist within this federally funded and RSA regulated program.

Therefore, the ask of you is to engage with these impacted persons by way of surveys, town halls, and other means and to develop guidance and governance that promotes an inclusive voice of representation and a more meaningful impact of these persons in the administrative function of this program.

Thank you for your consideration.




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Signatures: 281Next Goal: 500
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