Healthsource Accidentally Cancelled My Coverage Days Before My Daughter Was Born

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My daughter Scarlett was born 09/08/2018. 

Healthsource *accidentally* cancelled my coverage under my father’s plan a couple weeks prior. (Note: They have admitted to accidentally canceling my coverage) 

My father was the account holder and he contacted them to fix this issue. They apologized but stated they couldn’t just add me back. The process could take “up to two weeks”. (I was due within that time) 

Naturally, I went in to labor early and my insurance was not yet reinstated. I received a bill for approximately $20,000 dollars from Women and Infants Hospital. 

According to Healthsource, they later attempted to contact my father at his cell phone. They left no voicemail. Nothing to state who they were or what they wanted. My father didn’t recognize this number so he did not answer. We later found out they closed the work order to reinstate me. 

We have attempted to resolve this ever since and they keep closing our cases out. My most recent was January 31 2020. They closed it a couple days later stating that we had 30-60 days from initial cancellation to file /make a payment and that my father was contacted in 2018 and he did not call back. They gave me the option to appeal in front of a board. I accepted. 

Days later they denied me my right to an appeal. Closed again. I was then told they would no longer attempt to assist. (Which they never did in the first place, also note they’ve “lost” my fathers payments in the past too) 

Women and Infants sold the debt to different collections. Therefore I have several lawyers representing these collections looking for that $20,000. 

So after very long story short (as short as I could make it... believe me I have so much more info). I am still just looking to get them to:
**backdate my coverage (again that they accidentally cancelled) , for which I’d pay Sept 2018’s premium**. 

I should have had coverage and this company is brushing this under the rug. I will not stay silent.