Change the name of diabetes insipidus #NoNeedToDI

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The term ‘diabetes insipidus’ is very often mistaken for diabetes mellitus by health care professionals (HCPs) and the general public. The two conditions unfortunately share ‘diabetes’ within them, although they are completely unrelated and mean very different things.

The challenge for diabetes insipidus patients is when they need hospital attention (A&E, surgery, or on a hospital ward). Many HCPs are unaware of DI and assume the patient has diabetes mellitus. The consequences include their blood sugars being checked, being given ‘diabetic diets’ etc. instead of being given the treatment they need.

Even if HCPs are given information from the patient about DI, there seems to be little recognition that the patient needs desmopressin to avoid dehydration, or any fluid management (charts completed, catheter bags if needed, or sodium testing).

It is time we change the name. We need a name that will prompt HCPs of exactly what the condition is, to understand it quickly so that patients are treated properly.

There is no need to die.

The name change will be ‘pituitary insipidus - desmopressin dependent’ (PIDD)

More info about the campaign can be found here

The work to change this name is ongoing and it is important we have these signatures to give us power to push it through.

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