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Single-Payer News

Medical bills underlie 60 percent of U.S. bankruptcies
More than 75 percent of these bankrupt families had health insurance but still were overwhelmed by their medical debts... Continue...

Baucus meets with single-payer advocates
Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus (D-Mont.) told leading advocates of a government-financed health care system that he made a mistake by not giving their proposals more consideration in the reform debate... Continue...

Baucus Battered By Voters For Health Care Stand
Sen. Max Baucus got some not-so friendly advice from his Montana constituents last week as he works to reform the health care system: Youre doing it all wrong. Continue...

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Upcoming Events

June 12, Albany, NY
Jamin for a Single-Payer National Health Plan

June 16, Pontiac, MI
Health Care Town Hall

June 25-27, Washington, DC
2009 National Healthcare for the Homeless Conference & Policy Symposium
Dear James M:

The Healthcare-NOW! network has been very busy this past month:

We organized single-payer events in over 50 cities

on or around the May 30th Day of Action.
Sen. Max Baucus told us he was sorry for leaving single-payer healthcare out of the discussion.
We increased the number of HR 676 cosponsors to 79.
We won an endorsement for HR 676 from the New York State Senate as part of our Win-Win Campaign.

June and July are going to be just as busy. So we need your support more than ever.

Thanks for all that you do,
Healthcare-NOW! National Staff

Single-Payer: Nothing Less Will Do
These are frustrating times for single-payer advocates.

We know we have the best solution to the healthcare crisis one that is simple, economical, and humane. Most of the American people, and most doctors agree.

But Congress, instead of latching on to HR 676 and moving it toward adoption, is focused on new legislation. We have yet to see it, but we hear that it will keep private insurance companies front and center. It will include an individual mandate. And it will cost a bundle. It will be what the doctors in our movement might call an expensive placebo. Prescribing it, when you know its expensive and wont work, is nothing less than criminal.

But lets be clearwe must continue to advocate and organize for a solution that we believe in. Continue...

Please Share Your Story
We know that the recession is having a deep impact on our healthcare. We know that 60% of bankruptcies are due to medical debt and thats for most people who had insurance at the time of illness. An estimated 14,000 people a day are falling off the roles of insurance.

Have you or someone you know filed for bankruptcy, been foreclosed on, or lost a loved ones life because of the broken health insurance system?

Please share your story with us. Email your story and photos to

People are experiencing true suffering. We want to make sure that Members of Congress hear from the people who need single-payer the most.

New Tools Available to Advance Single-Payer
You can join the Million Letters for Health Care Campaign at You can print an already-prepared letter to your Congress person. You can personalize it with handwritten comments using help from fresh suggestions in each monthly reminder. Within 10 minutes, you'll have a letter ready to mail. This web site also gives you access to information resources, handouts, and presentation material. Everyone can view the measured progress toward the goal of a million letters in support of HR 676 and single-payer healthcare.

If direct action and clever tactics guaranteed to get press attention are where you're at, check out This new group wants to help people all over the country plan gutsy local actions that will bring attention to the single-payer cause, and make every insurance company and member of Congress accountable for what they have or haven't done.

You may have seen TV commercials starring Mike Farrell, of MASH fame, endorsing national single-payer healthcare. Health Justice put up the money for that campaign, and could use your help. Go to to learn how you can support this effort, and help get these ads on local media where you live.

Mark Your Calendars!
Healthcare-NOW! is busy organizing some upcoming events:

June 22nd, National Call-In Day for Single-Payer (HR 676)
July 30th, Medicare's 44th Birthday Rally and Lobby Day in Washington, DC

Healthcare-NOW! survives on the generosity of our supporters. Please consider making a donation to support our efforts to pass HR 676 using our secure server.

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