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Provide at least the minimum care to paralyzed individuals

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Too many paralyzed surviors of Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) are abandoned by their insurance companies, not provided with their most basic needs (such as a wheelchair), and told to adapt to their physical limitations despite the possibility for improvement.

This has to change.

These individuals, who have suffered a devastating and debilitating injury, deserve a chance to lead productive and rewarding lives! It starts by providing them with their fundamental needs for recovery. A wheelchair is essential. Continued physical rehabilitation and therapy decreases secondary compilcations at the minimum, increases their chance for recovery and enables them to work towards getting back on their feet.

I know because I'm living this reality now. I've been given almost nothing by my insurance yet I keep working hard on my own, making gains and knowing that I will walk again. Additionally, my friends and I conducted a nationwide survey of SCI victims and the results were astounding.

2 out of 10 had to pay out-of-pocket for their own wheelchair, the most essential need following SCI. 87% who needed to make costly alterations to their home did not have any help from insurance. The respondents' personal stories were revealing and compelling. 

“At the end of my stay [in hospital] I began to recover function of my legs. The rehab hospital requested more time from my insurance but was denied,” said one respondent.

“Not going to ever walk again was my diagnosis, I am now walking,” was another response in regards to negative prognoses frequently given by doctors immediately after the injury.

“I don’t think insurance companies understand the benefits, the true benefits…of ongoing physical therapies for SCI survivors.”

Other key findings included:

- 83 percent that did not have help from insurance to cover at home medical costs/supplies (median of $3,600/year)

- Almost half had to turn to fundraising to help with expenses

- Four out of five respondents took part in ongoing rehabilitation or therapy even though three-quarters of these people had no help from insurance for these therapies

- All of these respondents said this therapy was beneficial to them especially in improving the many secondary conditions associated with SCI

To learn more about my story (just one of the 12,000 annual cases of SCI in the US), check out:

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