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Planned Parenthood Global Dispatch- Volume 2   :)
Febraury 26, 2009 - Volume 2


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Center for Reproductive Rights Applauds President for Repealing Dangerous Regulation.


St. Pete Times - Seroquel documents released   :)

Seroquel is not approved for children.  It has a black box suicide warning for kids and the elderly. See FDA drug label here: 
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Subject: Obama do not appoint Sanjay Gupta   :)

Dear             ,

Dr. Sanjay Gupta is not a good choice to be our country's chief medical officer. He has maintained close ties to the health care and pharmaceutical industries, frequently earning substantial lecture fees from them.

Worse, Dr. Gupta has shown little interest in reform of the health care system. He would be a questionable leader for change.

I urge the White House to withdraw the nomination of Dr. Gupta for the post of Surgeon General.

Sincerely,   (add your name, address, and phone # (needed for letters to the

Subject: Rescind medical provider regulation, etc.   :)

Dear          ,

Another parting shot by the Bush administration to win points with the religious right is the Health and Human Services regulation allowing medical providers to withhold even medical information from women seeking counseling on abortion and other womens' health issues. It joins Bush's illogical and counter-productive "gag rule" as a special affront to women.

These rules are totally unnecessary: no medical provider is required to participate in abortion or otherwise act contrary to his or her beliefs, and providing information on birth control does not advocate abortion. Both it and the "gag rule" must be rescinded without delay.

Please make it top priority to rescind these odious regulations.


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