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Important Tips for the Day of Action   :)

Are you attending the Day of Action in DC tomorrow?

Yes! -- Download your Action Day packet here >

No -- No problem! Sign our petition to the Senate telling them: No Abortion Ban!

We just learned that anti-choice Senators, including Ben Nelson (D-NV) and Orrin Hatch (R-UT), are planning a floor amendment to the Senate's healthcare bill that mimics the House-passed Stupak language limiting access to abortion.

We were expecting these anti-choice amendments and are fighting back with a National Day of Action in support of abortion coverage taking place in Washington, DC tomorrow.

If you can't make it to DC (and even if you can!), you can still show your support by signing the Center's petition telling Senators: No Abortion Ban!

If you're on your way to DC, we've prepared a packet of useful information, including "How to Lobby 101," that will help you deliver the message you want to Members of Congress.

Visit our website to get a full schedule of tomorrow's events and to download and print copies of important documents that will help you maneuver through the day!

I know that you've heard me say this before, but this truly is a do-or-die moment in the fight for reproductive rights. The House surprised everyone by passing the Stupak Amendment, and we absolutely cannot allow the anti-choice lobby to make any additional headway in the final healthcare reform bill.

As we prepare for the Day of Action tomorrow, I want to thank you all again for the hard work and activism you've dedicated to protecting reproductive rights. We can only win this fight by speaking out and standing together.

Thanks for all you do, 

Nancy Northup

120 Wall Street 14th Floor | New York, NY 10005 US




Health Care is Moving! And Other News   :)

Friends Committee on National Legislation - A Quaker Lobby in the Public Interest
Native American Legislative Update Email List

NALU November 30, 2009: Health Care Is Moving! And Other News

+   Annual Meeting
+   IHCIA: House & Senate
+   Tribal Nations Conference
+   Update on Tribal Law and Order Legislation

We held our Annual Meeting with representatives from Friends meetings and churches around the country November 12-15. As someone new to the staff, it was exciting to meet people who have been passionate about Native American issues for many years. Go to to see our report from Annual Meeting, including pictures from the weekend and audio of the intern speeches.

The Indian Health Care Improvement Act (IHCIA) was included in the "big" health care reform bill in the House (H.R. 3962), which passed on November 7. The legislation included the permanent reauthorization of the IHCIA - a huge step in the right direction for Indian health care! The Senate has since introduced its version of the bill, which does not include the IHCIA. Senator Byron Dorgan (ND) has stated that he would introduce the IHCIA as an amendment to any big Senate health care bill, so we anticipate that this will occur. Please write to your senators urging them to support an amendment to include the IHCIA! Go here to see a sample letter:

- TRIBAL NATIONS CONFERENCE (excerpt from Of Peace and Politics)
On November 5 the White House hosted a nation-to-nation conference with representatives from nearly all of the 564 federally recognized tribes in the United States. This all-day event included participation by members of Congress, the current administration, and the president. It was a great opportunity for dialogue among nations and a symbol of the president's commitment to a new direction in the U.S. government's relationship with its native peoples. The event was opened and closed by President Obama, beginning with an interactive session. However, as the president said, "the most important opportunity that you will have today is to interact directly with the department heads, the secretaries who are in charge of implementation on a whole range of these issues." He urged tribal leaders to "present to them your concerns, your specific recommendations. They are here to listen and to learn and to advise." Discussions over the course of the day covered a range of topics, includ
ing key legislative opportunities: tribal law and order and health care. At the White House website, you can watch videos from several different panels:
-   Public Safety and Housing:
-   Education, Health Care and Labor:
-   Economic Development, Natural Resources, Energy, Environment, and Agriculture:

If you are unable to watch streamed videos on your computer, I highly recommend at least reading the text from Obama's opening statement and interactive session:

This month, two more sponsors signed on to the House bill and one on the Senate bill.  Are your members of Congress co-sponsors of this bill? 

Find out here for representatives:

Find out here for senators:

Learn more about any of the bills mentioned in this or other Native American Legislative Updates at the Library of Congress website. Just type in the bill number or name to see the bill's text, co-sponsors, and schedule for hearings. You can find out about bills that FCNL is following in particular on our website:


You are subscribed to the Native American Legislative Update list. Make sure you receive these updates from FCNL: Add to your address book :

Donate to FCNL:

Friends Committee on National Legislation | 245 2nd Street NE Washington, DC 20002 | | 800-630-1330




Single Payer Press Conference Live on C-Span   :)

Good morning.

Single Payer Action will be holding a press conference this morning at the National Press Club.

C-Span is scheduled to cover the press conference live at 10 a.m. EST.

And will play it a number of times over the holiday weekend.

At the press conference, Single Payer Action will call on Congress to defeat the Obama insurance industry bailout bill.

Start from scratch.

And pass single payer for the American people.

You can see Single Payer Action's story about the press conference here.

And you can watch the press conference here.

Thank you for your ongoing support.

Together we will secure single payer national health insurance for the American people.

Onward to single payer

Russell Mokhiber

Single Payer Action




Senators: We Need Your Pledge to Oppose Abortion Ban Amendments   :)

Support NOW's Work | December 01, 2009 | Tell a Friend

Take action NOW!


All NOW Actions

Call Your Senators to Take a Pledge Against Abortion Ban

Senators: We Need Your Pledge to Oppose Abortion Ban Amendments

After taking action, please support our work!

Pressure from abortion rights opponents is mounting on senators to adopt a Stupak-like abortion ban for insurance coverage in health care reform legislation. We are asking that you call your senators today to urge them in the strongest way possible to take a pledge against any legislation containing abortion amendments that would make access more restrictive than current law. Please call now AND send email messages

to your two senators -- this is the most important action that you can take at this time to defend women's rights.

Be sure to tell your Senators that voting against Stupak-type amendments is not enough. They should pledge to vote against the bill if it contains anti-abortion provisions that go beyond current law.


We are hearing that Sens. Bob Casey (D-Penn) and Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) will soon offer restrictive abortion amendments to health care reform legislation as the Senate begins floor debate this week. The Senate bill already codifies the Hyde Amendment, which prohibits the use of federal money for abortions for low-income women. But that's not enough for some anti-choice senators. Sen. Hatch is expected to introduce an amendment that includes abortion coverage prohibitions like those in the House-passed bill (H.R. 3862), presumably meaning the Stupak-Pitts abortion ban provision.

"Stupak Lite"? Additionally, Sen. Casey and his staff are preparing a provision that "could be more acceptable to abortion-rights opponents but less onerous than Stupak", according to news sources. Casey has said that the language would be a "compromise that might defuse the issue." Casey claims that the Senate bill's segregated accounts system (allowing abortion coverage but paid only with private funds) does not go far enough to ensure that taxpayer dollars do not pay for abortion. But this so-called compromise would, like Stupak-Pitts, go beyond the codification of the Hyde Amendment.

Either amendment, if adopted, would greatly reduce women's access to abortion care by limiting insurance coverage.

The current Senate bill (S. 1796, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act) stipulates that Hyde Amendment restrictions would apply to all public and private insurance plans that participate in the health insurance exchanges. Private premiums could pay for abortion services beyond those allowed by Hyde (which prohibits the use of taxpayer money except in cases of rape, incest and threat to the health of the woman). Private premiums would be segregated from public funds which will be in the form of subsidies to help low and moderate-income persons pay for insurance coverage.

Every vote against restrictive abortion amendments is critically important. It's a safe bet that the more controversial amendments, including those related to abortion will be challenged by a filibuster, requiring 60 votes to overcome. We want to make sure that senators do not vote for any amendment that goes further than the Hyde Amendment; we are asking that they take a pledge to vote against any legislation containing abortion restrictions that go beyond current law.

Your action in urging that senators take a pledge to oppose any abortion restrictions beyond current law could make the difference as to whether the Stupak abortion ban (or a so-called "compromise" variation of it) remains out of the final bill. House Democratic leaders have promised to remove the Stupak Amendment in conference committee when House and Senate members hammer out the final version. So pressure from women's rights activists is essential -- PLEASE CALL YOUR SENATORS NOW and send an email message.

and then

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Get Involved | Find Your Nearest Chapter | Tell a Friend | Learn More


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This is it   :)

Dear MoveOn member,

Imagine waking up one January morning and reading this headline:

"Obama's health care plan dies in Congress"

I don't want to feel like I could have done more. Do you?

We're already running our biggest campaign since the election. Now we need your help to go even bigger. If you donate today, another MoveOn member will match your donation-whatever you can give will be doubled!

To raise $125,000 today, we need 3 people in Fargo to contribute. Your donation of $15 will become $30. Double your impact by making a matched donation today.

In this crucial moment, we're dramatically expanding our work. We're running a million-dollar ad campaign in target states, mobilizing intense local efforts to push conservative Democrats, and gearing up for a massive day of action next week. And that's just part of it.

Today, the Senate is starting a historic debate on a health care reform bill-it's far from perfect, but against all odds, it does include a public option!

Conservatives are escalating their attacks. Led by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, opponents spent $24 million on ads opposing health care reform in just the past month.2

We have to win this. And we can. We've got millions of Americans on our side. And like we've seen time and time again in this fight, when regular Americans mobilize, the results are powerful.

Your contribution today will be matched by another MoveOn member. Please chip in $15. Just click the link below:

Thanks for all you do.

-Nita, Noah, Kat, Ilyse, and the rest of the team

1. "Business foes of health care revamp ramp up effort," Associated Press, November 17, 2009


Want to support our work? We're entirely funded by our 5 million members-no corporate contributions, no big checks from CEOs. And our tiny staff ensures that small contributions go a long way. Chip in here.

PAID FOR BY MOVEON.ORG POLITICAL ACTION, . Not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee.




Stop Stupak National Day of Action   :)

On Wednesday, December 2, AAUW and coalition partners will join forces for a National Day of Action to protest the Stupak amendment, anti-choice legislation that would jeopardize women's access to complete and safe reproductive health care coverage. Join us in Washington, D.C. to lobby Congress and rally on Capitol Hill to protect women's reproductive rights as negotiations over health care coverage move forward.    The Stupak amendment, which greatly limits women's access to reproductive health care and was included in the House-passed health reform bill, is the biggest attempt to effectively ban abortion services in years.  Similar amendments are already in the works in the Senate.  Now is the time to make your voice heard to ensure that language like the Stupak amendment is not included in the Senate bill or the final conference bill.   While federal law currently bans the use of federal funds to cover abortion services, the Stupak amendment would effectively force private insurance companies to eliminate abortion coverage for all members, instituting what amounts to a domestic gag rule.  Millions of women, including those in private plans, would lose the coverage they currently have. Tell Congress that health care reform should not come at the cost of women's reproductive health.   Take Action! Join AAUW in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday, Dec. 2 for the National Day of Action.  If you can participate, please fill out our online form

and let us know you'll be joining us.  AAUW will assist you in setting up meetings with your senators.  If you're not able to make it to D.C. but are interested in participating in a local event, let us know; we'll do our best to inform you of events in your area.    Fill out our online form here.   Stop Stupak National Day of Action Details and Tentative Schedule: Who: AAUW and coalition partners Where: Capitol Hill, Washington, D.C. When: Wednesday, Dec. 2, 9:30am - 5:30pm Tentative Schedule:     9 - 9:30am: Lobby training                                     9:30 - 10:30am: Lobby briefing                                     10:30am - 12pm: Lobby visits (AAUW can assist in scheduling visits)                                     12 - 2pm: Rally on Capitol Hill                                     2 - 4:30pm: Lobby visits (AAUW can assist in scheduling visits)                                     4:30 - 5:30pm: Closing event     If you haven't already done so, email your senators

and urge them to oppose any amendments that jeopardize women's access to complete reproductive health care coverage.  Then, contact your representative

about his or her vote on the Stupak amendment.  Read more about AAUW's position on health care reform and reproductive rights.         The grassroots liaisons in AAUW's new Leadership Corps program will be reaching out to AAUW branch leaders to provide mentoring and assistance. Whether you are a member of an AAUW branch (an officer or not) or a member-at-large interested in becoming involved with other AAUW members, please fill out the online form here to indicate areas of branch programming or administration for which you would like assistance.   Washington Update is AAUW's free, members-only weekly e-bulletin offering an insider's view on the legislative process, the latest policy news, resources for advocates, programming ideas, and updates from the Public Policy and Government Relations Department. Subscribe today!   Read the 2009-2011 AAUW Public Policy Program.   Become part of the AAUW national community and break through barriers for women and girls.  Join now.   Strengthen AAUW's voice with policy-makers! Donate now.   Connect with AAUW online via our website and blog, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.   




Take Action Now on Single Payer in the Senate   :)

This week single payer activists across the country are visiting their senators to urge them to support real health care reform: (1) allowing state's to put in place a state-level single payer program; and (2) supporting Sen. Sanders substitution amendment which would put in place a national Medicare for All system. Please take action by sending your senators a letter by clicking here.

And, forward this email to everyone you know so they can join in this effort.

Also, in preparation for the Mobilization's "Next Steps," the International Human Rights Day single payer effort on December 10th, we have been updating the Mobilization for Health Care for All website. In particular, please see:

1) The guidelines for Thanksgiving/December actions. Click here to see the guidelines.

2) The Sit-In Action Guide. Click here to see the Sit-In Guide.

With your help we can make a difference. Please spread the word, take action and donate today.

Thank you for your participation in the Mobilization for Health Care for All.


The Mobilization Team

P.S. Tomorrow, Mobilization activists Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers will be participating in a press conference on the health care debate that will be televised on C-SPAN. Watch for it on television.




Dawn wants you to take action on "Thank You Senator Harkin!"!   :)

Sent: Monday, November 23, 2009 1:23 PM
Subject: Dawn wants you to take action on "Thank You Senator Harkin!"!

Dawn Russell has just read and signed the petition: Thank You Senator Harkin!

You can view this petition at:

Message from Dawn Russell:

Hi, I signed the petition "Thank You Senator Harkin!". I'm asking you to sign
this petition to help us reach our goal of 1,000 signatures. I care deeply
about this cause, and I hope you will support our efforts.


IF you don't want to get mail from SEIU & Care2 remember to UNCHECK those


----- AND
Follow this link and you can see how to access the thank you to Harkin via
your website. They also give you the ability to post this on your Facebook
page. Or we can contact people by email to let them know about signing the


NATIONAL ADAPT MAILING LIST - Adapt Community Choice Act List




Before You Carve that Turkey: All In for Bernie Sanders   :)

Those millions of us who support a Medicare for All, single-payer, reform for the healthcare crisis in this nation have some work to do over the next few days. Senators are on their way to their home states for the one-week Thanksgiving recess - and they need a little up close and personal constituent attention before dinnertime on Thursday.

Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont is a stalwart supporter of doing the right thing for his state, our healthcare system and this nation - and he has said repeatedly that moving toward a just and economically sound system is possible through Medicare for All, single-payer. In the purest sense of giving patients control over their own healthcare, single-payer gives us all control over our choice of providers - and it gives our healthcare professionals the freedom they need to advise us on the basis of health rather than payment source.

So, even though the current Senate bill is not what we want - Senator Sanders will offer an amendment that would be a substitute for that bill and is mirrored on S. 703, The American Health Security Act.

We need to make it clear before our Senators are immersed in their own holiday events and then in traveling back to Washington, DC, that we want them to support Senator Sanders' amendment.

Call today, call tomorrow and keep calling until the home offices of the Senators close for the holidays - many will stay open until Wednesday at noon. Tell the staff you want to talk turkey about the Senate effort.

Time is drawing short for our Senators to hear from us. Debate will begin on November 30 on the current Senate bill. Senator Sanders needs support. He has already told us that he does not expect a win on his amendment. But we are all laying groundwork for this nation to move in the right direction before long - we know that the current bills do not "bend the cost curve" enough and we know they certainly do not bend the death or bankruptcy curve nearly enough to make the bills what this nation needs.

Additionally, we want the legislation to contain language that will allow states that opt in to a single-payer system to be able to do so with the appropriate waivers from federal legal provisions which might otherwise present obstacles to doing so.

So, the ask of our Senators - each and every one, liberal, centrist or conservative - is two-fold and urgent:

1. Vote with and for Sanders' S. 703 substitute amendment; and
2. Support state single-payer enabling language in the final bill.

Calls to DC won't be effective this week. We can all return to that effort next week. Thanksgiving week calls must go to your Senators' offices in your state. Look them up here, using your zip code.

Tell friends, neighbors and relatives. This year, talk a little turkey about healthcare. Ask folks how thankful they would be to have healthcare as a basic human right for their neighbors and for themselves. And then help them look up their Senators' contact information and tell them how easy it really is to call and log your concerns and your expectations for an affirmative vote for the Sanders' amendment.

Oh, and don't forget to thank one another for caring enough to join in the struggle. It matters. Everybody in, nobody out. Thank you all for believing that together we can change this, because we can.

Finally, we are working to build actions to create awareness of Human Rights Day on December 10th. We will be helping to organize actions at Senators offices in support of S 703 and the state ability to move to single-payer. Please contact if you would like to organize an action near you.

Thanks for all that you do,
Healthcare-NOW! National Staff

Healthcare-NOW! survives on the generosity of our supporters. Please consider making a donation to support our efforts to pass HR 676 using our secure server.

- Follow us on -

339 Lafayette St. | New York, NY 10012 US




Seven Quick Fixes in the Health-Care Bill   :)

Milliseconds to Make Your Case

How long do you have to persuade someone in a political argument? Five minutes? Ten minutes? Try 250 milliseconds. In an experiment, psycholinguist Jos Van Berkum of the Max Planck Institute found that the brains of volunteers lit up that quickly after they read a statement they disagreed with. Yes. That. Fast. The lesson? Couch your arguments in agreeable terms. Begin by stating ideas you and your opponents share before moving to more contentious territory.

Visit the home page to read an interview with Van Berkum.

Seven Quick Fixes to Health Care

To hear the rhetoric on both sides, you'd think the health-care overhaul in the Senate would change the U.S. system overnight.   In reality, most of the changes -- such as the new health insurance exchanges and insurance mandates for individuals -- would not take effect until 2014 (or 2013 in the House version).
  Still, a few provisions are set to begin next year, if the legislation passes.
  Some of the most significant changes would extend existing programs and rules in order to immediately reduce the number of uninsured Americans. Others would end unpopular practices in the private insurance industry.

Read seven quick fixes in the health care overhaul.


The Tyranny of the Silent Filibuster

Why doesn't Harry Reid force an old-fashioned filibuster that could make Republicans look silly? Because he can't.
The Senate Majority Leader needed to get 60 votes to start the health-care debate on Saturday and he'll need that many again when it comes time to try to stop the debate for an up-or-down vote.

So why not make Republicans really filibuster, provoking the spectacle of marathon speechmaking? Because it's just not that simple.

Under Senate rules, filibusterers need to do no more than call for endless rounds of quorum calls. The only drama for television would be watching successive roll calls, and that's nothing like the Hollywood scenario we saw with Jimmy Stewart in "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington."

Watch a video from CQ Politics columnist Craig Crawford on how the filibuster works.

Bills of the Week
H.R. 3590 is the Senate leadership's merged health care overhaul.

Click here to tell your Members of Congress what you think of this bill.
How They Voted

Military Construction and Veterans Affairs Appropriations Act
The Senate unanimously passed this $133.9 billion bill funding military construction projects and the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Vote: 100-0 in the Senate. The two chambers will now reconcile their different versions of the bill.

Begin Debate on Health Care Overhaul
The Senate voted to proceed to debate on this bill, which is being used as a vehicle for the health care overhaul.

Vote: 60-39 in the Senate. The Senate will begin debate after the Thanksgiving recess.

Want to track votes cast by your Members? Become a registered user of and sign up for our weekly MegaVote newsletter.
A New Look

Visit the redesigned! We have more news throughout the week. Our reliable tools for advocacy remain unchanged and we'll be adding more in the weeks ahead.

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Stand With Marcy Winograd For The State Single Payer Option   :)

We Must Speak Out Louder Than Ever For A State Single Payer Option

Now that a filibuster in the Senate is no longer an issue, for better
or worse, some kind of health care bill is likely to pass and be
signed into law. And the worse is awful downright bad, threatening to
force us to become customers of corporate medical insurance, with no
meaningful alternative. And that is why the fight to protect the
right of states to deploy their own single payer systems is more
critical than ever.

Marcy Winograd is standing strong on this issue and has her own
action page you can submit to make your voice heard on this right

State Single Payer Action:

And Marcy has a new TV ad you can see on this page, that she is
working to get on the air right now.

State Single Payer Video:

Here is what Marcy Winograd herself has to say on the issue.

"Regardless of what Congress passes in the way of health insurance
reform, states should have the right to to set up a publicly-funded
privately-delivered health care system, without interference from
health insurance companies that do not provide any health care.

Unfortunately Congress has yet to include the Kucinich amendment,
which PASSED in its own committee by an overwhelming 27-12 margin,
and which protects states' rights to enact single-payer, into the
health insurance reform bill.

This is wrong.

There is also a similar amendment being sponsored by Senator Sanders
as well. We must have an amendment in the final bill that gives
states the freedom to choose single-payer, the most efficient and
economical health care plan of all."

So please submit Marcy's action page above, and also consider making
a contribution to this brave progressive candidate, who is working so
hard to replace Jane Harman in CA-36, and came close to doing so one
time already. Because whatever you can contribute will help Marcy to
get this new TV ad on this issue on the air in her district.

If you can make a contribution to get this ad on the air in Marcy's
district, where we have a real chance to get a true progressive into
Congress, this will be one of the most critical fights in the next
upcoming election cycle. But even if you can't make a contribution
right now, please submit Marcy's action page to demand an amendment
for a state single payer option.

State Single Payer Video:

And here is the one click Facebook page for this same fax action.

Single Payer Amendments Action:

And the Twitter reply to send, to send this message to all your
members of Congress that way, is

@cxs #p1018

Paid for by Winograd for Congress

Please take action NOW, so we can win all victories that are supposed
to be ours, and forward this alert as widely as possible.

If you would like to get alerts like these, you can do so at




Corrupt Democrats killing the public option   :)

Sign our petition to Harry Reid: Reconciliation = Majority Rule

"The power to pass a public option is yours alone.  Don't let corrupt Democratic senators owned by insurance industry lobbyists kill the public option
and block majority rule. 

"Get corrupt Democrats in line, or use reconciliation to pass a public option with a majority vote.

Click here to sign our petition.

The Senate starts debating health care next week.  But if it passes without a public option, there's only one person to blame: Harry Reid.

As the majority leader of the Senate, the power to pass a public option is squarely in Reid's hands.  Will Reid let three or four corrupt Senators owned by the insurance industry hold the public option hostage?  Or will he use the reconciliation process to allow a simple majority vote on a public option?

The choice is Reid's and Reid's alone.  Let's make sure he knows it.

Sign our petition to Harry Reid: Get lobbyist-owned Democrats in line, or use reconciliation to pass a public option.

Click here to sign:

During debate in the Senate this weekend, a handful of corrupt Democratic senators like Blanche Lincoln and Mary Landrieu, who have taken big donations from insurance companies, promised to vote against health care if it included a public option.[1]

If Harry Reid can't get them in line for a simple procedural vote, then he can use "reconciliation" and call for a majority vote on the public option.  Otherwise, Harry Reid is using his power as Majority Leader to allow a handful of corrupt senators thwart the democratic process.  We can't let that happen.

Let Harry Reid know the public option rests on his shoulders.  Click here to sign our petition:

We know who the corrupt Democrats are working for -- the insurance companies want to kill the public option once and for all.  Goldman Sachs expects insurance stocks to rise by 59% in 10 years if there is no public option, but drop by 36% if there is one.  That's what happens when nobody likes your product.  Their fat profits depend on being the only game in town.[2]

The American people understand that.  That's why 72% support a public option, to end insurance monopolies, increase competition and control the crushing burden of health care costs for American families.[3]  A majority in the Senate understands that, too -- that's why 51 have said they will vote for a bill with a public option.[4]

It comes down to a simple question: will Harry Reid allow for majority rule?  Or will he let corrupt members of his own caucus block a majority of the public and Congress who want a public option?

Sign our petition to Reid: whip the corrupt ConservaDems into line, or use reconciliation to give Americans what they want and pass a public option.

Click here to sign:

Thanks for all you do.


Jane, Ben, Eve, Jon, Lowell, Michael, Noelle, and the rest of the FDL Action team


1. Campaign Contributions From Insurance Companies to Senators Blocking the Public Option

2.  Goldman Sachs: Insurance Stocks Would Drop 36% By 2019 With House Public Option 3.  October 27 NBC News Poll: Public Option Has 72% support

4.  Jon Tester Would Vote For Schumer's Public Option: That's 51




Green Party Acts: Greens Support Choice in Healthcare; etc..
This Action, on, the url    :)

Green Health Care   :)

Advocate with the, "Greens Support Choice in Health Care"; etc..   :)

Back to
Greens Support Choice in Health Care   :)

***ACTION ALERT for Single Payer***
Write Your Representative Today!
It's time to take action again for SINGLE-PAYER NATIONAL HEALTH CARE!  We asked you to do this a few weeks ago.  We need you to send a message

again.  It's easy and it just takes a few minutes.

Republicans call it "socialized medicine."  Democrats call it the "public option".  We call it "insurance industry life-support".  HR 3962, the recently-passed Democratic health care reform bill, barely passed the House and the Senate version is facing a tough sell.  Despite increasingly bitter partisanship, both sides of the Congressional aisle - progressives like Dennis Kucinich and conservatives like Michele Bachmann - can agree that the there is something in this bill to offend everyone.

The Green Party supports a universal, single-payer "Medicare for All" plan.  Greens called HR 3962 "a program to subsidize the insurance industry," and we continue to urge the Senate to bring a sinlge-payer plan to the table.  We believe this is the only way to give American citizens the health care and coverage that they need - not the premiums, red tape and exclusions insurance company executives want.        

Amendments to allow states to create their own single-payer coverage systems - local, small-government solutions that liberals and conservatives both could have approved of - were stripped from consideration of the House bill.  In the end, the only amendment considered - the Stupak Amendment - would ban federal subsidies from being used to fund elective abortions.  After arguing that their plan would not "ration" care by setting up government panels to determine coverage, Democrats conceded to a single amendment that would effectively outlaw private medical decisions, without even the benefit of a "women's rights" panel!

The Green Party supports both expanded education and access to reproductive knowledge - for women and men - in order to prevent unintended pregnancies, and the right to abortion if a women chooses one.  Feminism is one of the key values of the Green Party, and the Green Party's National Women's Caucus has noted that a women's choice of medical responses to an unintended pregnancy should be a non-negotiable right.  

Since the passage of HR 3962 and the Stupak Amendment, several House and Senate members have promised to work against a Senate version of the health reform plan with a similar provision, and work to block a conference committee version of the final bill with a Stupak-like exclusion.  We urge our supporters to continue to work against the Democratic "insurance industry bailout" bill, especially one that would deny so many women the right to legal abortions through private, though federally-subsidized insurance.
Please take a few moments to send an email urging your Congressional representatives to drop support for the Democratic bill - particularly any anti-choice amendments that might come before the Senate or full Congress later this year - and work for a universal, single-payer "Medicare for All" system.

Don't forget to take a few seconds to personalize your email letter.  Make reference to any local health insurance corporations who would profit if HR 3962 became law, and add your own reasons why you oppose the so-called "public option."  

Take Action now!  Write your representative here!

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Take Action for Women's Reproductive Rights   :)

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Take Action for Women's Reproductive Rights

Last weekend, the US House of Representatives passed a landmark healthcare reform bill - one that massively set back women's reproductive rights. The bill's Stupak Amendment exceeds any other federal law in restricting women's access to abortion. In addition to being denied abortion services in the public option, women receiving federal subsidies to purchase even private insurance plans are banned from buying plans that cover abortions. 

For women, then, the Stupak Amendment means that they would actually lose reproductive health coverage that they currently have. Today, over 85 percent of employer health plans include abortion coverage. If the Stupak Amendment is retained in the final version of the bill, insurance companies will have a strong incentive to drop abortion coverage in order to participate in the new health insurance market created by the reform. 

People in the United States should not be forced to choose between urgently needed healthcare reform and access to the full range of internationally recognized reproductive rights.

Send a letter to President Barack Obama, and demand that the Stupak Amendment be stripped from the healthcare reform bill.


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