Ban damaging paid-Ads for cosmetic surgery companies on social media.

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Tess Underhill started this petition to Matt Hancock (Health Secretary) and

Cosmetic surgery companies like Juvederm are able to target women freely via Paid Ads on social media. This is wrong for a number of reasons:

- It compounds the issue of mainstream media telling women their natural beauty isn't enough. Exacerbating feelings of worry, anxiety, depression, and feeds appearance-related bullying. 

- The Ads are currently able to show whatever messaging the brand chooses. It's currently unregulated and this is dangerous, as the Ads are served to anyone they chose in their demographic. Slogans like "Say hello to great selfies" (used by Juvederm) insinuate that without cosmetic surgery, to look better in photos of themselves the viewer should alter their appearance in the ways the Ad suggests (eyes, lips, cheekbone augmentation.)

- The image used by Juvederm is not even a REAL woman, it is a cartoon of a woman who looks like a Barbie doll. THIS is what women/girls are supposed to imitate and aspire to. A pretend woman who has had surgery to have better selfies. 

- There are many vulnerable young girls on social media who do not know enough about paid Ads to know they can switch these off and not be targeted, by this time the damage is done.

- It is normalising surgical procedures. There is nothing wrong with people choosing to research such procedures, speak to a trained professional and get them. But, being targeted on social media without asking to be, for something that involves surgery and medical procedures, is very wrong. 

- Where does it end? Smoking adverts had to be banned at some stage. Without banning these types of Ads, social media will become more negative and dangerous for women/girls. 

*This is not an attack at all on cosmetic surgery or people who have them, everyone should have the freedom to do what they wish with their body. It's the paid advertising content served to us by such companies with damaging messaging that we can't avoid which is the problem, and just compounding the age-old issue of mainstream media telling women they aren't beautiful enough naturally.

*I have contacted Juvederm directly to complain. I have also reported Juvederm to the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA). 

0 have signed. Let’s get to 500!
At 500 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!