We need urgent action on this mental health emergency!

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The number of adults in the UK with depression has DOUBLED since the coronavirus pandemic, according to a new report. As a psychotherapist, I’ve seen the effect of this pandemic first hand, and I’m calling on the Government to act urgently to avert this ticking time bomb of a mental health crisis.

I've been working in mental health for many years now, dealing with issues like clinical depression and anxiety, but I and many colleagues have seen a worrying spike in enquiries for psychotherapy over the last five months.

A deterioration of mental health is linked to increased isolation, bereavement, unemployment and financial insecurity - and the problem may well increase when the furlough scheme ends this autumn. We need an urgent mental health plan to deal with this crisis.

Younger adults, women, key workers and disabled people are among those most likely to suffer depression during the pandemic. Whilst the Office of National Statistics report also warns that inequalities in accessing services and recovery rates that black and minority ethnic communities already face will be made even worse.

The Government needs to act now to:

  • Release emergency investment into new and existing mental health services
  • Come up with a long term strategy specifically focused on the COVID-19 mental health crisis
  • Invest in mental health projects aimed at BAME communities
  • Put mental health and wellbeing at the centre of the Government’s ongoing recovery plan

Please sign my petition calling on Health Minister Matt Hancock to urgently address this mental health injustice. This is a mental health emergency and people need help: NOW.