Have Cancer Treatment Included in Medicinal Cannabis Review

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After the government gave hope that UK patients might have medicinal cannabis prescribed to treat their cancer, the body tasked with advising on the conditions it can be prescribed for has NOT INCLUDED CANCER TREATMENT in their draft outline. Click here for more information 


Hundreds of research papers demonstrate that medicinal cannabis can kill cancer cells - one clinical trial has been completed and two more are in the pipeline. Unless cancer treatment is included in the draft outline then months if not years will be added to the duration before which it can be prescribed on the NHS for cancer treatment - EVEN AS A LAST RESORT

Personal Story

At MakeWilliamWell we have documented how our son went through surgery, chemo and radiotherapy before doctors told us there was nothing more that could be done for him. We then started using a medicinal cannabis product and his brain tumour went on to shrink by two thirds - PLEASE HELP GIVE OTHERS THE SAME OPPORTUNITY