Columbia Asia Hospital- Medical Negligence

Columbia Asia Hospital- Medical Negligence

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Ayush Sehgal started this petition to Health ministry Gurgaon and

I was wronged by Columbia Asia Hospital due to medical negligence and this the official complaint I sent to the CEO. I want damages to be paid to me for the trauma I’ve gone through:-


Please consider this as a formal complaint for the experience I had at Columbia, Palam Vihar on 23 June, 2019, around 6:30 PM. Please note - I wish to escalate this matter to your CEO Nandkumar Jairam as well. Before I begin, here's my patient info:

Name - Ayush Sehgal
MRN - PVRG-0000208871

I suffered a Category III dog bite on 20th midnight for which I went to the ER and the doctor Abhijeet Sehrawat administered the 1st ARV shot to me which was available. He advised I needed Immunoglobulin too which wasn't available at such a big hospital like Columbia which must be tended to multiple dog bites in a single day. 

Today, I returned to the hospital for my 2nd vaccine dosage but quite surprisingly your pharmacy did not even have the basic human ARV with them in stock. Is this expected from a big brand such as Columbia?

I'm a patient in terrible pain and already traumatized from the dog bite and this is the treatment metted out to patients who even have enough money to pay for their treatment. Probably government hospitals are proving to be better than you. 

Spoke to the ER doctor and he too was extremely un-sympathetic to my plight and said he can't do anything. So a dog bite victim would just probably die? Is this the level of infrastructure and resources expected out of a big brand like Columbia?

Please do not even talk about shortage of ARV as I'm very well read and I know for a fact govt. hospitals have it in stock and providing it for free!

After this traumatic experience, I had to resort to a small pharmacy by the name of 'Chauhan Chemist' and he was fully able to provide me with all 4 doses of the ARV supply. How on earth can a small time business have such critical vaccines in stock but careless brands like you don't? Do you value human life at all?

I fully intend to post this to all social media platforms so you can attract all the negative publicity and I'm also registering a formal complaint on national consumer helpine and medical council of India.

Please provide me with contact information of Medical Director/CEO or forward this formal complaint to them. 

As proof I'm attaching all relevant artifacts including the supply of ARV which I was able to procure from a simple and a small-time chemist. 

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