Pure Milk. Stop Milk Adulteration

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I am scared to offer milk to my child. Milk is a basic necessity for growth of Children and even that is adulterated. How then can we expect our children to be healthy. Milk and milk products are a necessity and not a luxury. 

A child does not know the difference between food and poison. Consumption of adulterated milk can cause serious health issues like heart problem, cancer, and sometimes even death. So am I giving my child POISON?

Every Mother who asks herself this question should be signing this petition. Corruption and Terrorism is only killing our generation but Adulteration is killing the generations to come.

Hence we need to make sure that at least adulteration in Milk should be highly punishable offence with shutting down of the Whole company and not just the unit. The organisation should be held responsible.

Adulteration is a crime but the people committing the offence are often let off with just a warning and the law is very lenient. Let's face it! Adulteration is hollowing out our health.