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My story begins like so many of you, young trying to discover what life is all about, but for 1 in 5 people they will be affected by a condition we call mental illness.

To me that term is wrong and the way we go about treating it is also distorted. I’ve been hospitalized a few times and therefore have seen firsthand what could be enhanced for more successful and productive outcomes.

First off how can you treat a mass of people with the same way when we are all built differently, what works for one will not automatically work for all. I have lost a dear one to the system, them not knowing how to treat them and them being refused treatment from being under the influence. What they didn’t understand then is that drugs and alcohol are a coping mechanism for the underlined disorders. I am not here to point fingers and to make any trouble with any type of system, but we can do better.

The way it is now patients are left to their own devices 23 hours of the day, which does not give them great odds for success.

I also believe that new methods should be thought in schools to better equip the mental health providers, they are often over worked and will give the quick fix as to what the DSM tells them to prescribe. Again not complaining, but I believe and know that we can do better.

My proposal is simple, give access to better programs while the patients are hospitalized and I propose using the M.A.P. system as a non-invasive proven scientifically therapy, where psychiatrist could see deeper into their patients subconscious and then give them the proper tools to survive once released from their hospitalization.

Tools and classes such as :

Meditation, Anxiety control, Anger management, Yoga, Financial budgeting, Nutrition, Resume building, Interviewing skills , A.A., N.A., Art therapy, etc…

Just to name a few these could be part of the rehabilitation process, instead of being stuck in a room 23 hours of the day and hope that the patient finds his way back to better health.

I know that there is a better way and I pled with the governments to help me implement this program that could be led by co-op students and a supervisor to see what works for attendees and what does not. Once the pilot project has been proven to work, this could be a baseline used across the board to help people manage their own mental health.

I’ve lost too many souls to mental afflictions and myself being on the brink of not being able to swim back 2 shore and live a life where I can make a difference and help others find their full potential.

I’ve lost 6 souls to suicide and this is only in my family and close circle of friends.

Theirs and underlining condition here that the doctors are not looking at and I believe that it is the stress that our society puts on our everyday life. Not everyone is well equipped to deal with this sort of pressure, I sure know I wasn’t. I miss the days where life was simpler and where all possibilities seemed accessible.

My pleas is after you read this letter you find it in your heart to help me make my dream a reality which is mental health for all and if we can’t achieve health we can surely and will achieve a balance.

If you have any further guides, intuition or would like to share your story where you feel that our system could be of better use, please feel free to send it to me @ mapyourself22@gmail.com.

M.A.P. meaning Manifest All Possibilities, I truly believe that my purpose here on earth is to help gain the momentum we need to eradicate these types of illnesses, that have taken over too many lives to count...

I know we are going through a hard time with this virus going all around the globe, but I sincerely believe that with every bad action a counter good action will be achieved, for starters pollution has come down drastically all around the globe and hopefully we use it as a catapult to keep that momentum going.

We need good healthy minds and to take the time and implement new procedures in our health system that is in direct need of a revamp.

If we stand as one we can accomplish anything. Everything that our mind has the capacity to envision we have the ability as humans to create it.

So let’s stop all the fear and start co-creating in a positive and loving way.

I believe that our mental health system is the place to start because with a healthy mind we can accomplish anything and all is obtainable if we co-create as a cohesive and peaceful unit.

Blessings to all,

Saráh Roebayr