Offer all pregnant women an anomaly scan routinely. Diagnoses made in utero can save lives

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In 2004 my beautiful boy was born on his due date. After numerous scans during my pregnancy I had no reason to think that anything would be wrong. 

When he was born the midwives realised he was very sick. After being rushed to Crumlin hospital they found that he had a very serious condition called hypoplasic left heart syndrome. They worked hard to get him well enough to start his treatment and his first major operation but once they had taken him off the sedation they realised he was seizing. My beautiful baby boy had suffered severe brain damage due to the lack of oxygen after birth. Because his left side of his heart couldn't pump oxygen to his brain after birth he suffered damage that he could not live with. His chance to fight this condition was taken away because I was not given an anomaly scan to diagnose a very noticeable birth defect. This was over 13 years ago and there are still babies dying because this scan is not offered routinely in all hospitals. There are lots of other conditions that if found in utero then the baby will have a better chance of survival.Every pregnant woman and every unborn baby should be given the same chance as everyone else.  These hospitals do scans routinely so why not give the anomaly scan too. It really can save lives and avoid years of heartbreak for parents.  Please sign and share this petition to get these Scans offered to every pregnant woman in every hospital.

A recent review shows the need for the scans. Read at the link below.