Want to stop unwanted rejection/denial of Insurance policies for pre existing diseases..!!

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Recently I was admitted in hospital and found a young lady aged 24 in a very critical position and her parents crying near her bed side .. When asked they informed me that they don’t have any more money left for her treatment she needs regular dialysis and she has minor kidney issue since childhood due to which she was never issued an insurance policy by any insurance company .. Within days she demised .. 

On further getting into the situation I came to know that even after kidney transplant one cannot have an insurance coverage as most companies does not issue insurance policy to such people .. Even extra premium or longer cooling periods are not accepted 

Then it came to the knowledge that even for minor kidney stone operations and other minor surgery and other health issues policy is not given to people .. If someone declares then policy is not given and if someone hides then obviously no claim is given .. infact 80% of the claims are not given on ground of pre existing diseases ... 

I want you all to support me so that we can change this scenario and proper health and life insurance becomes the right of every individual. Let every country men get the right to health and life policy so that his/her dependants are not harassed or forced to live in misery ..