Implement National Exit Exam immediately for MBBS graduates for Better Medi Care in India

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Exit Exam world over are instrumental in bringing large scale improvements in medical education & healthcare of countries implementing it. In fact the benefits r so great that it has become a norm world wide.
Numerous benefits of Exit Exam are:-
(A) Benifits to Nation:-
1. Uniform, better quality doctors : The very purpose of Exit Exam is to ensure that only those having atleast basic minimum medical knowledge are allowed to enter our healthcare system.
2. No shortage of doctors : Exit Exam if used the way world does, can address shortage of doctors overnight sourcing them from around the world, the way US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand do. Further as uniform exam will end discrimination, more & more Indian will go abroad for affordable medical education, resulting in more doctors.
3. Better quality healthcare : As both quality & quantity increases, it results in better health outcomes.
4. Corruption free affordable healthcare : As no Tom Dick or Harry will dare to abuse Indian Medical education fearing a credible Exit Exam, it will lead to affordable medical education. Competition due to higher number of doctors will also lead to affordable healthcare.
5.Rural areas to get quality doctors : Monopolistic supply of exploitative doctors refuse to go rural as they find enough evenues in urban areas. As Exit Exam will result in increased supply of quality doctors, much more than what is required in urban areas, even rural areas will get enough quality doctors.
6. End of quackery/ cross pathy : Quackery/crosspathy flourish due to acute shortage of affordable doctors. Once sufficient quantity of quality doctors at affordable rates is ensured, Quackery will die it's natural death.
(B) Benifits to Medicos:-
Exit Exam is not only beneficial to Nation but it's immensely beneficial to Medicos too!!!
1 Affordable quality medical education : No Tom Dick or Harry will dare to abuse Indian Medical education fearing a credible Exit Exam, coupled with increased seats world over without any discrimination will make it affordable. Further, those medical colleges who consistently fair poor in Exit Exam will be forced to improve or perish, leading to better quality.
2. Less work load, stress free: Sufficient number of quality doctors will result in less work load per doctors making them stress free.
3.Less medical negligence : Medical negligence due to lack of quality medical education, over work & stress will reduce once sufficient quantity of quality doctors is ensured.
4. Higher patient satisfaction : Availability of more quality time per patient with stress free doctor will result in better patients satisfaction.
5. Less violence against doctors: Affordable healthcare, lesser medical negligence & higher patient satisfaction will lead to lesser violence.
6. Better prestige in society: Affordable healthcare, lesser medical negligence & higher patient satisfaction will enhance degrading respect of doctors in the society.

Further, As both Medicos & healthcare will benifit immensely from Exit Exam, there is no reason to delay such a good proposal even for a single day. We there for strongly condemn NITI Aayog for having incorporated the provision of 3 years transition period for implementation of National Exit Test (NEXT), A new name coined by MOHFW
(i) Exit Exam was first proposed by knowledge commission in 2007. It's already 12 years since then.
(ii) Government appointed Board of Governers (BOG) of MCI proposed it in 2012. It's already 7 years since then.
(iii) Any delay is against the letter & spirit of 92nd Parliamentary Standing Committee recommendation which categorically stated that, "URGENT ACTION' BE INITIATED TO INTRODUCE A COMMON EXIT TEST FOR MBBS DOCTORS AS AN INSTRUMENT OF QUALITY ASSURANCE"
(iv) There is no precedence of having such a long transition period in the history of Exit Exam in India. Back in 2002, the first Exit Exam India ever implemented, i.e. Screening Test 2002, the notification was issued on 13th Feb 2002 & it was applicable from 15 March 2002, thus having a transition period of merely 30 days.
In such a scenario, nation fails to understand the need to give such an unprecedently long transition period.
Uniform application of Exit Exam, irrespective of where u graduated from, whether government, private or foreign, is a norm world wide. It's more so applicable to India where medical mafia, despite taking crores, is imparting dubious medical education through ghost faculty, fake patients & fake medical colleges, producing money hungry dubious doctors said to be just better than quacks, out to do miseries to Nation to recover their investment in dubious medical education indulging in rampant corruption, commission, kickbacks, unethicals like over medication, over investigation, over procedures, female feticide, organ trade or even human trade making our healthcare top corrupt service in India, surpassing even police service, top corrupt health service in entire Asia Pacific & 2nd least transparent defacto meaning 2nd most corrupt health service in the world! !!!
Copy to respected Prime Minister of India, health minister of India, NITI Aayog & Medical Council of India.