Stop Tourism to Morisset Psychiatric Hospital Kangaroos

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We call for Better Protection for the Morisset Psychiatric Hospital Kangaroos, and an end to the promotion of tourism here.

There are Private Property - Restricted access signs at both entrances to the Morisset Psychiatric Hospital, so.. we ask can the Health Minister explain then why thousands of tourists are allowed on this site?

The animal residents and the Hospital patients and staff are also entitled to their peace, dignity and privacy.

Kangaroos are a gentle animal and they are being tormented by hundreds of tourists each day, feeding them food that makes them sick, and many have died.

Tourists have taken joeys from pouches which has traumatised them that much that they have died.

Kangaroos have been hit by cars sustaining horrific injuries which has resulted in them having to be euthanised.

This has to stop NOW!!