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Real health care reform could help bring the U.S. government closer to fulfilling the human right to health care. Yet Congress, and particularly the Senate, continues to treat health care as a market commodity, rather than a public good. The Senate must stop pandering to the insurance industry and instead provide a Medicare-like public plan that is accessible to everyone.

Letter to
Senator Chris Dodd
Senator Max Baucus
Senator Harry Reid
I am writing to urge you to ensure that the final Senate health reform bill provides a Medicare-like public health care plan that everyone can use.

Health care is a human right, not a commodity. A key step toward fulfilling this right and recognizing it as a public good would be for the Senate to provide a Medicare-like public plan that guarantees access for all, offers comprehensive benefits, and is publicly funded, without using private companies as middlemen.

I thank you for your efforts in leading the Senate's work on health care reform, which offers a historic opportunity to take important strides toward making the U.S. health care system more universal, equitable and accountable.

The American people need a Medicare-like public plan for all as a critical step toward fulfilling our human right to health care. I urge you to seize this opportunity.

Thank you in advance for your action on this matter.

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