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Sponsor a bill in 2013 to grant autistic and epileptic children legal access to cannabidiol oil (CBD oil).

CBD oil is leading to drastic seizure reduction in children with intractable epilepsy in states where it is legal. It is also improving quality of life for children with autism. CBD oil does not produce a high and is not smoked. It is an oil given on a spoon. This product contains less THC than hemp products already on grocery store shelves. Therefore, it should be legal like any other hemp product.

Please consider little Charlie Byrd. Charlie has Dravet's Syndrome, which causes him to have over thirty seizures a week. Charlie's parents were so desperate that they left their home in West Liberty, Kentucky and moved to Colorado so their boy could legally access CBD oil. Charlie's progress on the oil has been so dramatic that they cannot come home because his treatment is illegal in Kentucky. Please help bring the Byrds home.

Please consider my son Alexander. He has Regressive Autism and epilepsy. When Alex was first diagnosed with autism he was so high functioning that we had every reason to believe his future could still be bright. But by age six his IQ was 52 and he was extremely aggressive. Undiagnosed seizures hijacked my boy's development and cost him an independent future. Puberty for autistic children with my son's kind of epilepsy often brings disaster, with the kids barely able to function outside the home. Alex is eleven, poised at the edge of that precipice. That's why his mother is in a race against the clock to gain him access to CBD oil. 

There are thousands of Charlies and Alexanders across Kentucky. Please be champions for developmentally disabled children and help them gain access to this potentially life saving treatment.

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  • Health and Welfare Committees - Kentucky House and Senate, Majority Leader Greg Stumbo, Governor Steve Beshear

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