Cover vasectomies under the Affordable Care Act

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Cover vasectomies under the Affordable Care Act

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The Affordable Care Act (ACA) was designed to help provide more Americans with preventative care, with fewer out-of-pocket costs. But while most contraceptive methods are covered for women, the only two available to men -- condoms and vasectomies -- are not.

Not only are vasectomies a man’s only reliable method of contraception, they are the safest form of permanent contraception available. Permanent contraceptive options for women are more invasive, painful, and prone to complications. A vasectomy is an easy outpatient procedure that is very cost-effective.

The lack of coverage for vasectomies has only worsened the burden of contraceptive responsibility and side effects for women. It is time for vasectomies to be covered under the ACA.

Men need coverage so that they have an equal opportunity to participate in family planning responsibilities. We applaud those states that have included vasectomy in their Medicaid benefits, yet most states and the ACA only cover female contraceptive methods. Therefore, we ask that the Department of Health and Human Services add vasectomies to the contraceptive benefits package of the ACA, which it can do simply by revising its recommendations to include men.

Sincerely yours,

Aaron Hamlin, MPH, JD and David C. Sokal, MD

Co-founders of the Male Contraception Initiative

Jonathan Stack and Doug Stein, MD

Co-founders of World Vasectomy Day

Ira D. Sharlip, MD, Clinical Professor of Urology

Chair, AUA Vasectomy Guideline Committee

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