To keep San Pasqual Academy open for many years to come.

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Recently the San Diego Union Tribune posted an article stating that San Pasqual Academy will be closing down this year in October. This was a shock for many of us living in the academy. San Pasqual Academy is a group home for foster kids who struggle finding a permanent placement. In the article it states that "State regulators said in the letter that they notified the county this month to give officials time to move students to other homes, ideally with families."

Yes, it will be easy for the county to put us students into foster homes and family but would that actually be the safest option? In my opinion, it will not be the safest option due to the fact that a lot of foster homes don't always feed the kids well, sometimes don't even buy us clothes, also a lot of foster homes do abuse kids behind doors. Also putting kids with their family might seem like a good idea but family can also abuse kids. For example, the Gabriel Fernandez case in 2013.

I believe that San Pasqual Academy is the safest option for the students here because they provide us with enough food, clothes, and also they provide us many benefits such as helping us find housing before we are 18 and help us apply for colleges. They teach us basic cooking skills, independent living, and teach us about self care. Also at San Pasqual Academy there are adults who live here, such as house parents, grandparents, and families. Also past students who have came back to the academy to have a place to live. They are not just closing down a place, they are closing down a community.