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Head of Administration - The University of the Pacific

Why this petition matters

We are calling on you, as allies in our movement, to support us in saving Pacific Field Hockey. Join us as we stand up for a cause worthy of attention, recognition and respect.
Our fight will be heard - cancelling successful women in athletics and academics will not be tolerated.
In a little over 60 minutes, our team saw the end of a program that we, through hard work, commitment and dedication, have built over the past 4 years.
After a meeting with Athletic Director, Janet Lucas and Head Coach, Andy Smith, it has been made known that the head of administration at The University of the Pacific no longer sees it fit to continue the success of their Field Hockey program. It has been decided, as of June 2019, Field Hockey at Pacific will be cut.
Pacific Field Hockey is a Division I NCAA recognized sport that has, over the past 4 consecutive years, earned righteous success both on and off the playing ground. And now it is to be eliminated. We ask, does this seem just to you? 
As a community, we wish to understand why such decisions have been taken. But first and foremost, it must be made clear, that our priority is not acceptance, but rather action. Action to make a change. Action to fight for what is right. Elimination is wrong! 

Let us not be afraid to take a stand. Our joint actions have the power to save the future, not only of Pacific Field Hockey, but also of all Collegiate West Coast Hockey in America.
Our force is strong and powerful - our voices will not be silenced!!
#WTH #wheresthehockey 
#BBH #bringbackhockey

12,799 have signed. Let’s get to 15,000!