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Stop! Destroy Nature in GUEDCHANG, Chiang Mai Thailand

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Stop! Destroying Nature @ Chiang Mai Thailand

Attention: Chiang Mai Governor
Subject: Please Think about Saving the Natural Envinroment in Gued Chang.

Dear Everyone,

Please join me and sign my petition to address Chiang Mai Governor to delay the Mass Irregation Dam at Tambol Gued Chang. Please re study the mass project, as it is never been discussed or brought forward to the locals for their view. This mass project will flood into the forest, homeland and make the most beautiful @Gaeng Gued group of rocks formation disappear, as it is so important to locals, it's a center of nurture loving.

Also this project will cause more than 800 households a puzzled future, they have never had any governor sector to inform or educate about their future home or the disadvantage and advantadge of the project at all.

We humans always demand in using energy but we never think enough
For the sustainable way, we will never fill the demand even we will daming all the river in the wrold.

We should go back to replanting our tree, save our forest. Not just keep building new project, bigger and bigger.

If the Chiang Mai Governor cannot stop the project, atleast please re study about it and get locals involved. Let's have some involvement in the design about our natural environment.

It's so important to us, we should think also about Tourism and Thai Elephants here, There are more 300 Domestic Elephants living, roaming in the jungle here, What's happen when to them in the future when there is no place for them.

It's hard to find for Elephats living in the city, they usually living with suffering and die young. Gued Changs our HOME, they happy living with their Kind Mahout and the Jungle with Clean Food, Clean Air, Clean Water here.

Thanks so much for your kind. Join us in saving our Nature, We ALL share One Grobal, Isn't it?

THANKS SO MUCH for your kind attention and Support.

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